SITizens from Class of 2022

SIT Graduate Journeys: The Code, the Cloud, and the Cargo

SIT's GES 2022 found that 9 in 10 graduates gained employment within 6 months. Three SITizens from the Class of 2022 share their education journey.

SITizen Poh Yihao, MEng

A Journey of Innovation and Lifelong Learning

Poh Yihao shares why he chose to embark on the Master of Engineering programme at SIT despite the challenges of juggling work and study.

Dr James David Nobbs and Janice from Digital Supply Chain

Head Start To A Successful Career Journey

Since its first run in 2018, the Industry Mentorship Programme has garnered the support of over 200 industry mentors and benefitted more than 500 SITizens.


Skills-based Careers: How Competency-based Education is Changing the Learning Landscape

As more of those entering the workforce are diversifying the way they pick up knowledge and competency-based learning picks up pace, how does this impact employers and how they hire?


From Dissemination to Demonstration: How a Focus on Competencies Transforms Education

Dr Barbara Bichelmeyer, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor of the University of Kansas, spoke at the Applied Learning Conference 2023 and shared why the future of education lies in competency-based education.


A Singapore University’s Novel Attempt to Transform Education and Change How We Look at Upskilling

The Singapore Institute of Technology is proposing a new approach to upskilling and education that shifts the focus from paper qualifications to certified skills and competencies.


Turning Game Development Dreams Into Reality

With a passion for game design, SIT Scholar Pan Yu Xuan, Rene is poised to blaze the trail in the exciting world of game development.


The Future of Learning: How Competency-based Education is Shaping Skills Development

As the shelf-life of skills shortens, it's time to rethink the traditional approach to upskilling.

PulseSecure at SIT Career Nexus

SITizens Plug into the Real World at PulseSecure

At PulseSecure, SITizens get a front-row seat to the exciting world of cybersecurity.

STLA launch ceremony

SIT Launches New Teaching and Learning Academy, Advancing its Competency-Based Education Capabilities

Academy will pioneer a framework that holistically assesses both formal and informal qualifications for credits, bolstering the upskilling progress of learners