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From Hospital to Classroom: SingHealth Adjunct Faculty Inject Real-World Expertise into SIT's Healthcare Programmes

Experts from SingHealth bring real-world experience into SIT's healthcare programmes, empowering the next generation of healthcare professionals.


Go Global: Expanding Horizons in Healthcare

Third-year Physiotherapy student Tina Tay put her trimester break to good use through SIT’s Overseas Exposure Programme (OEP), broadening her horizons and building her professional competency.


Grooming Future-Ready Talents in Healthcare

SIT’s comprehensive range of healthcare degree programmes is designed to train a new generation of changemakers who deliver professionalism and deep empathy.

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Novel Spinal Cord Injury Clinical Trial Helps Paralysed Patients Walk Again

Associate Professor Wee Seng Kwee and fellow researchers are on a mission to help patients with severe spinal cord injury regain functional mobility.

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This Behavioural Map Sheds New Light on Stroke Patients’ Physical Activity

The comprehensive study, which assesses the quality of stroke survivors’ physical activity, offers insights into how factors such as fatigue, sleep and social interaction can impact the quality of life and care for these patients.


From Student to Professor: A Remarkable Nursing Journey

The dynamic Dr. Sheena Ramazanu, 33, is a trailblazer in today’s global healthcare landscape.

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SIT Introduces Innovative Healthcare and Engineering Programmes to Groom the Next Generation of Future-Ready Talents in Key Sectors

The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) is launching new programmes in Health Sciences and Engineering in Academic Year 2024 (AY2024).



Nourishing Lives with Flavour

Since their secondary school years, Shanice Lim Wei En, 23 and Lee Xuan Ying, 25, have had a profound fascination with nutrition and its influence on individual well-being.

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Walking in the Shoes of Stroke Survivors

To Physiotherapy students Mohit Murli Khemlani and Liang Liwen, volunteer work is the key to shaping the next generation of physiotherapists into empathetic healthcare professionals with heart.

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Class of 2023: Lifelong Learning Never Stops

Physiotherapy graduates Joyce Foo (left) and Valora Wong are both advocates of lifelong learning and champions of mid-career switches. They are ready to pursue their passions and make a difference in patients' lives.