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Mapletree challenge

Innovating Sustainable Futures: Mapletree Challenge 2024

This year’s Mapletree Challenge continues to motivate students to become proactive change-makers, leveraging innovation to generate value.

SIT Launches Mangrove Conservatory

SIT Launches Mangrove Conservatory with S$680,000 Support from the Foundation of Rotary Clubs Singapore

The mangrove conservatory will serve as an integrated platform combining community outreach, education, and applied research to improve climate resilience with mangrove conservation and to develop future-proof mangrove strains for the region.

mapletree challenge winners

Mapletree Empowers Aspiring Innovators with Fifth Year of Support for The Mapletree Challenge

Five innovative solutions for a better world

exhaust gas

The ‘Green’ Passage Towards Maritime Decarbonisation

With the maritime industry turning to lower carbon fuels and energy-efficient technologies to reduce greenhouse to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Masterclass in Maritime Decarbonisation offered by SIT steers knowledge acquisition in this direction.


Supporting the Nation’s Sustainable Development Plans

Associate Professor Ethan Chong shares with The Singapore Engineer how SIT is equipping students, researchers and industry professionals with the knowledge, skillsets, and infrastructure to find solutions to sustainable development.

Founder Ching Wee

Helping SMEs Embed Sustainability in Business

Co-developed with the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME), the ‘Introduction to Sustainability for Businesses’ course provides companies with the knowledge and frameworks for mapping their sustainability goals.

hero image

SIT Introduces Innovative Healthcare and Engineering Programmes to Groom the Next Generation of Future-Ready Talents in Key Sectors

The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) is launching new programmes in Health Sciences and Engineering in Academic Year 2024 (AY2024).



Making Net Zero Buildings in Singapore a Reality

Prof Lock Kai Sang, who heads the Energy Efficiency Technology Centre at SIT, spoke at the Singapore International Energy Week 2023 Thinktank Roundtable on "Net Zero Buildings in Singapore, Is It Achievable?".


Agrocorp launches Singapore’s first plant-based, nut-free cheese with SIT's support

HerbY-Cheese made possible through collaborative research in sustainable plant protein extraction

Prof Sharratt and Prof Stoyanov

Spearheading Singapore’s Sustainable Development

Through applied research and industry collaboration, researchers at the Singapore Institute of Technology address sustainability and circularity issues in the key sectors of food, chemical and biotechnology.