Elevating Efficiency and Bridging the Gap: T-Up Eagles Award


SITizens recognised for creating value in their IWSP companies by improving workflow processes

Since 2020, A*STAR and the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) have established tripartite relationships with local enterprises to develop a talent pipeline for industry and strengthen the talent pool’s ability to meet industry demands by accelerating the transfer of technological know-how within the ecosystem. Known as the Technology for Enterprise Capability Upgrading (T-Up) programme, A*STAR research scientists and engineers are seconded to local companies to support R&D projects, develop innovative products, and expand companies’ capabilities. SIT supports T-Up by placing students in internships in these companies to work on translational research projects aimed at solving contemporary real-world problems. The T-Up Eagles Awards recognise outstanding SIT students who have excelled in their Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP) at local SMEs. This year’s T-Up Eagles Award winners are engineering graduates Bryann Low Ee Ray, Melvin Poh Jun Wei and Sin Shi Kang. They have demonstrated the ability to improve efficiency and create value through innovation in the real world.

Bryann Low Ee Ray, 26

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechatronics Systems

Mechatronics Systems graduate Bryann Low (right) received the T-Up Eagles Award from Professor Hang Chang Chieh, Founding Executive Director, Institute for Engineering Leadership, National University of Singapore (Photo: A*STAR)

Bryann did his IWSP at Phaos Technology, an advanced microscopy technology company focused on developing super-resolution microscopes for application in biomedical, semiconductor, electronics, nanotechnology, advanced materials, and failure analysis.He worked as a Software Development Engineer and contributed to various projects, including the Region of Interest (ROI) Window Viewer. The ROI Window Viewer is a software that acts like a magnifying glass - allowing you to focus on a specific area or section within an image or a video. Phaos Technology needed a way to combine individual microscope images as the existing practice made the resulting image too large. Bryann then embarked on a mission to tackle this issue and devised a software that stitched images on demand.  

With this new software, stitching now only happens when a user selects specific parts of an image, preserving the image's original quality. As a result, images are stitched faster than the normal stitching process since they are now of smaller resolution. Users will still be able to view specific ROI at the original resolution for analysis and study via the Image Analysis Window.

Bryann's T-Up mentor, Mr Jiang Ting Ying, Senior Research Engineer from SIMTech (A research institute of A*STAR) guided him through complex image processing functions and features, which helped him better understand the fundamentals of image processing.

 “I learned a lot about image processing fundamentals, features, and functions, and also had a meaningful experience working with various software and hardware engineers who have a wealth of experience and knowledge under their belts,” Bryann shared.

Melvin Poh Jun Wei, 25

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Melvin Poh (right), a Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering graduate, honored with the T-Up Eagles Award by Professor Hang. (Photo courtesy: A*STAR)

A graduate of SIT’s Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering, Melvin was attached to the Engineering Department of Fidel Engineering and Trading for his IWSP. He worked closely with senior engineers to create 3D models for Computer Numerical Control machines, develop and draft jigs and fixtures, and maintain and update the company's Overall Equipment Effectiveness software.

Fidel Engineering and Trading is a manufacturing service provider for the aerospace industry that provides services such as welding, machining, inspection, fabrication and MRO of aerospace parts and fixtures.

One of the key projects that Melvin worked on was a height-adjustable C-Yoke Riveter, a tool used to join two pieces of metal together using rivets. The company faced a challenge: general off-the-shelf options were too heavy for the operator to handle. With this new adjustable riveter, the C-Yoke can be screwed onto a worktable while the circular turbine rotates about a fixed point. This makes it less labour-intensive for the operator, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Assembly of a height-adjustable C-Yoke Riveter (Photo: Melvin Poh)

Melvin's T-Up mentor, Mr Lee Bing Yang, Senior Research Engineer from SIMTech, introduced him to the fundamentals of lasers and laser welding, as well as best practices for safely utilising lasers.

“Collaborating with seasoned aerospace professionals enabled me to hone my skills and knowledge in aerospace engineering and manufacturing. This experience allowed me to grasp the intricacies of quality control methods used to ensure the reliability and safety of the end products. Contributing to a specific project was particularly rewarding, as it lightened my supervisor's workload and enabled me to witness first-hand the influence of my efforts on the final output,” said Melvin.

Sin Shi Kang, 28

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Electrical Power Engineering