Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP) is a distinctive feature of SIT's degree programmes. It allows students to integrate theory and practice, and develop deep specialist skills in their chosen field.

The IWSP is structured in a unique and distinct way for each degree programme to cater to the specific needs of the industry, developing industry-ready graduates. Students will undertake eight to 12 months of relevant work within the course of their studies. IWSP is compulsory for all students in SIT-conferred and SIT-joint degree programmes.

Benefits of IWSP

Students will undertake paid employment within companies relevant to their programmes. Students will be able to develop specific professional competencies in their chosen field, which may lead to professional advancement. IWSP also gives students the opportunity to develop their professional network and interpersonal skills.

Real work undertaken through IWSP will enable students to understand the challenges faced in the current fast-changing economy and develop skills in adaptability, creativity, and innovation, while adding value to the workplace. IWSP can also lead to full-time employment after graduation.


Integrating Knowledge
and Practice

The knowledge and skills acquired
through your programme will allow
you to better analyse situations,
and apply principles and theories to
actual work performed on the job.

Opportunities to Innovate

Initiate innovative projects, under the
guidance of SIT mentors and
company-appointed supervisors, that
give you opportunities to solve real
issues in companies.


Career and Professional
Experience the recruitment process
in its entirety, from submitting job
applications, attending interviews to
being fully trained in a job.

Employment Preparation and Process

Before embarking on the work trimesters, each student will undertake career skills workshops as part of the Career and Professional Development module. This is to help them identify career goals, build their resume, develop interview skills, and employ different methods of job search strategies.

There will be career events and information sessions prior to the work trimesters, so students can find out more about the hiring companies before applying to work for them.

Each student will be assigned an SIT mentor, and be supported by the Centre for Career Readiness through the employment process. Students are expected to go through a competitive recruitment process where the employer will assess each applicant on his or her merits, just like in a real job search. There will be no direct placement. Every effort will be made to ensure that the positions posted on the career portal will be relevant and have structured learning outcomes.

During IWSP, SIT mentors will interact regularly with students. This guidance will ensure the successful integration of students into the workplace, as mentors guide students to apply the necessary soft and technical skills to excel in their positions.

Academic Credits and Assessment

Work trimesters are credit-bearing and incorporate performance evaluation by the work supervisors, as well as an assessment of work reports by SIT mentors.