Integrated Work Study Programme



PulseSecure at SIT Career Nexus

SITizens Plug into the Real World at PulseSecure

At PulseSecure, SITizens get a front-row seat to the exciting world of cybersecurity.

sabrina housekeeping team

Bringing Fresh Perspectives to the Table

From preparing for celebrity arrivals to keeping a cool head with nasty guests, Sabrina Koh has seen it all – but her journey is only just beginning.

Yan Er award ceremony

Winning Big with IWSP Employer

Aspiring marketeer Phua Yan Er is not your average intern. Her IWSP stint saw her exceeding expectations and clinching industry accolades.

Lionsbot IWSP

Hardwired for Mechanical Engineering

From a student on work attachment to a full-time employee working on what he loves to do, Ravichandran Pradeep Kumar discovered a fulfilling career through SIT’s Integrated Work Study Programme.

Cong Zhu at work

A Progressive Career Path from IWSP

From an intern to a full-time employee and now, a team lead; the IWSP experience fast-tracked the career path of this SITizen.

lim kee chuan STMicroelectronics

Chipping in at STMicroelectronics: SIT Students Learn on the Job

During their six-month IWSP at a global semiconductor company, engineering students Andreas, Kee Chuan and Zhang Xu got a taste of the working world.

Taking on the World of Work

Scholars Marcus Foo Qi Fa and Lee Valerie are embarking on exciting education journeys with Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).

Constructing a Strong Foundation for Green Buildings

Meet Luke Beh, an engineer by day and master’s student by night, who wants to build a new generation of buildings that are greener and better.

Diving into Real-World Issues to Make Ships Safer

One focused on the tiny and reaped great benefits. Another spent time to save lives and livelihoods. The last zoomed in on efficiency. Together, these students target common issues faced by marine companies to make a difference.

Upwards and Onwards – Fulfilling the Aviation Dream

Not many can say that their career paths were set in stone after being inspired by documentaries like Air Crash Investigation and Mayday.