SIT pharm eng student

From Lab to Medicine Cabinet: Pharmaceutical Sector's Unsung Heroes

Pharmaceutical engineers work behind the scenes and play a crucial role in the entire journey of pharmaceutical drugs we rely on.


SITizens received the T-Up Eagles Award

Elevating Efficiency and Bridging the Gap: T-Up Eagles Award

SITizens recognised for creating value in their IWSP companies by improving workflow processes

Valora and

Class of 2023: Lifelong Learning Never Stops

Physiotherapy graduates Joyce Foo (left) and Valora Wong are both advocates of lifelong learning and champions of mid-career switches. They are ready to pursue their passions and make a difference in patients' lives.

Cong Zhu at work

A Progressive Career Path from IWSP

From an intern to a full-time employee and now, a team lead; the IWSP experience fast-tracked the career path of this SITizen.


First-hand Experience in Machine Vision

In this final instalment of a three-part series, we put the spotlight on a SITizen who made a remarkable contribution to his IWSP company through machine vision technology.

T-Up Eagles Awards: Improvising Manufacturing Processes

SITizens created value for their IWSP companies by optimising and automating workflow processes.

Scaling Heights, Creating Impact: T-Up Eagles Awards

Exemplifying the SITizen-DNA trait of ‘Catalysts for Transformation’ are four winners of the inaugural T-Up Eagles Awards.


Empowering the Female Voice

2021 has been dedicated by the Ministry of Social and Family Development as the Year of Celebrating SG Women. We take a look at two initiatives involving SIT that support women’s development.


How to Future Proof Our Teenagers for the Job Market

As industries progress with technology, the nature of jobs changes and expectations of graduates entering the workforce evolve. While teenagers today are more than familiar with ...

Preparing Future-Ready Graduates

The expectations of the workforce have changed as digital transformation charters new pathways for businesses. Beyond having specific skills and expertise, employees are expected ...