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Dr James David Nobbs and Janice from Digital Supply Chain

Head Start To A Successful Career Journey

Since its first run in 2018, the Industry Mentorship Programme has garnered the support of over 200 industry mentors and benefitted more than 500 SITizens.

PulseSecure at SIT Career Nexus

SITizens Plug into the Real World at PulseSecure

At PulseSecure, SITizens get a front-row seat to the exciting world of cybersecurity.

Cong Zhu at work

A Progressive Career Path from IWSP

From an intern to a full-time employee and now, a team lead; the IWSP experience fast-tracked the career path of this SITizen.

lim kee chuan STMicroelectronics

Chipping in at STMicroelectronics: SIT Students Learn on the Job

During their six-month IWSP at a global semiconductor company, engineering students Andreas, Kee Chuan and Zhang Xu got a taste of the working world.

SIT’s Industry Mentorship Programme Gives SITizens a Winning Start

ince its first run in 2018, the annual Industry Mentorship Programme (IMP) has benefitted more than 360 SITizens.


First-hand Experience in Machine Vision

In this final instalment of a three-part series, we put the spotlight on a SITizen who made a remarkable contribution to his IWSP company through machine vision technology.

T-Up Eagles Awards: Improvising Manufacturing Processes

SITizens created value for their IWSP companies by optimising and automating workflow processes.

Pairing Up for Success

The SIT Industry Mentorship Programme has benefitted more than 350 SITizens since its first run in 2018.