SFM@SIT: Supporting Industry Transformation through Upskilling Singapore's Workforce


Centred on the main theme of ‘Supporting Industry Transformation through Upskilling Singapore’s Workforce’, this year’s SkillsFuture Month@SIT on 4 August 2021 will feature more than 50 online workshops across six core themes.



A key event of the SkillsFuture Month, which runs from 8 July to 22 August, is the SkillsFuture Month@SIT (SFM@SIT) on 4 August 2021. Organised by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), and supported by all Autonomous Universities, polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), this virtual event will focus on the theme ‘Supporting Industry Transformation through Upskilling Singapore’s Workforce’.

Participants can look forward to gaining insights from industry leaders and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) and discover learning opportunities to be future-ready. To help fresh graduates and mid-career job seekers to reskill and upskill, SFM@SIT will feature a series of online workshops on trends in areas such as Digitalisation, Smart Manufacturing, Design Innovation and Sustainability, Health and Food Innovation, Business, Law and Finance, Community and Social Services. The Guest-of-Honour is Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Education.

Online workshops featuring experts from SIT include:


Title of Workshops


11.30 am

Identifying Transferable Skills for Career Planning

By: Associate Professor Lee Chien Ching

From a growth mindset perspective, switching jobs is an opportunity to grow and broaden one's skills in another job context. This workshop touches on what constitutes a growth mindset and how to identify one's transferable skills – both technical and soft skills – in the context of a job search, and with reference to SkillsFuture Singapore’s Skills Framework for career planning.

12.30 am

Preparing for a Job Switch, Respectively Re-enter the Job Market with CET Programmes

By: Associate Professor Detlev Remy


SITLEARN Professional Development, the lifelong learning division of SIT, offers a range of courses for the Service industry, such as digital marketing, design thinking and data analytics to prepare those seeking to re-enter the industry with these newly acquired skills. Find out how these skills allow participants to acquire a competitive advantage and contribute to their professional success.

1.30 pm

Data Visualisation for Intuitive, Informative, and Interactive Data Analytics

By: Assistant Professor Zhang Wei

We are in the era of big data, where data is everywhere in our daily lives and used in various sectors. However, data in its natural format, i.e., numbers, is not intuitive enough. As a result, much of data analyses are poorly executed and evaluated, leading to limited value addition.

In this workshop, Asst Prof Zhang will discuss intuitive, informative, and interactive data analytics with data visualisation. There will be an introduction to data visualisation to create a mapping between original data and geographical elements to present data visually and intuitively. Popular data visualisation methods such as bar chart, histogram and scatter plot will be covered in this workshop.

2.00 pm

Using SIRI as a Key Enabler for Smart Manufacturing

By: Associate Professor Yee Fook Cheong

Singapore aims to grow the manufacturing sector by 50% in the next 10 years, and plans to achieve this by having companies in the manufacturing sector upgrade their capabilities in advanced manufacturing to be fully ready for Industry 4.0. As part of this effort, the EDB has launched the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI), a self-assessment tool that helps companies discover where they are in their journey towards Industry 4.0. More than 200 companies have completed this assessment but more needs to be done to help companies, especially SMEs, uncover the benefits of this assessment and leverage the findings for progression.

In this workshop, A/Prof Yee will introduce SIRI and describe the manufacturing landscape as painted by the results of SIRI assessments completed so far. He will explain how SIRI can be deployed as a systems tool within the framework of an advanced manufacturing system to enhance the performance of manufacturing companies. Examples will be given of companies identified by the World Economic Forum as ‘Lighthouse Factories’, two of which are in Singapore.

3.30 pm

Upskilling of Electrical Power Engineering Professionals for Singapore’s Energy Future

By: Professor Tseng King Jet

The future-proofing of skills and abilities of Electrical Power Engineering professionals would be a critical anchor in helping to meet the nation’s goal in embracing a clean and efficient energy future. This workshop explores the changing job roles, skills and competencies required of Electrical Power Engineering professionals now and in the future, and how Institutes of Higher Learning play important roles in upskilling professionals.

4.00 pm

So, You Want to Work in Cybersecurity?

By: Assistant Professor Goh Weihan

Find out how to demystify cybersecurity, and what it takes to work in the field. The workshop will introduce and address various requirements of the field, such as how one can start off in the field, the different cybersecurity certifications and courses available, as well as what some of the roles entail.

All workshops comprise an informative speech by the guest speakers, as well as a panel or Q&A session.

The schedule above is subject to changes.

Visit SkillsFuture@SIT for the full and latest programme line-up, as well as registration details.

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