Degree Programmes to Drive Smart Nation Singapore


From leading Singapore’s digital transformation to moving the logistics sector up in the value chain, SIT graduates are equipped with skill sets to drive digitalisation.


When COVID-19 swept through the world three years ago, few would have thought that it would also revolutionise the way we worked. According to McKinsey, the pandemic brought on an “industrial revolution”, specifically in digitalisation.  85% of the executives who took part in McKinsey’s survey reported that their companies have speeded up the adoption of technologies. Cloud technologies and digitalisation of business processes have enabled greater employee collaboration and overall work productivity.

The trend is in line with the Smart Nation Singapore initiative, which seeks to accelerate and grow Singapore’s status as a thriving global city to live and work in through the implementation of various technologies. To support this vision, the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) strives to equip students with the latest skills to become deep specialists in the relevant areas that are much needed in the industry. Here are three degree programmes it offers that will help drive a Smart Nation.

Soaring Above the (Digital) Clouds

Talents in the Infocomm Technology (ICT) sector are in greater demand than ever, with many companies pivoting to online systems following the pandemic, such as cloud computing or mobile apps.

That is why fresh graduates from the Information and Communications Technology (Software Engineering) ICT (SE) degree programme from SIT achieve a 100% employment rate and earn the most among their peers, with a median monthly salary of $5,000, according to the 2021 Graduate Employment Survey findings.

This four-year direct honours programme prepares students for all ICT-related jobs by equipping them with essential software engineering skills, as well as workplace skills like effective presentation techniques. It is especially enticing for those who prefer to be exposed to a range of ICT skills rather than be specialised in one sector. Students also get to rub shoulders with key players in this industry-focused programme, and may even earn some internationally-recognised industry certifications along the way.


“As an aspiring software engineer, I want to create products that can help improve individuals’ quality of life. I also believe that SIT prepares me beyond technical skills and provides opportunities to hone my leadership skills. As the president of the ICT Student Management Committee, I organise and execute memorable events for the student body in the programme,” said Belle Sim Bei-Er, a Year 3 ICT (SE) student. (SIT Photo: Keng Photography/Tan Eng Keng)

Driving the Smart Nation

With a unique focus on Intelligent Transportation Systems, SIT’s Computer Engineering programme is the first of its kind that offers interdisciplinary training in both computer science and engineering.

Launched in response to the LTA/ITSS Smart Mobility Plan 2030 – the country’s 15-year masterplan on developing its Intelligent Transport Systems  – this programme boasts countless opportunities to further Smart Nation ambitions in mobility and smart transport infrastructure.

Even those who may not be interested in transport and mobility will find value in this three-year direct honours programme. It hones crucial skills in emerging technologies for various industries, such as the Internet of Things and smart home systems, through a comprehensive and interdisciplinary curriculum that blends both traditional and modern elements of engineering.

The degree programme is perfect for those who enjoy the thrill of solving problems and developing innovative solutions – students will get to take part in exciting projects and create fruitful engineering systems using the skill sets they have acquired in both ICT and engineering. The industry-driven nature of this degree will also open many doors and opportunities in the ever-expanding digital landscape and economy.


“The student life at SIT is enriching. As the president of the SIT Community Service Club, I am passionate about volunteering to help the many marginalised groups in our society. After graduation, I hope to work on new technologies to improve society and impact people positively,” shared Tey Zhi Peng Gaivin, a graduate of the Computer Engineering programme (previously known as Telematics (Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineering)). (SIT Photo: Keng Photography/Tan Eng Keng)

Supplying Innovation

With the growing importance and prominence of Industry 4.0, coupled with the rise of e-commerce, the supply chain and logistics industry is in need of digitally-skilled talents.

SIT’s three-year direct honours degree programme in Digital Supply Chain meets these demands perfectly, preparing students in moving up the value chain in the sector. Students will learn to drive the optimisation and digitalisation of intricate processes in the supply chain and logistics industry through an enriching interdisciplinary curriculum, which includes supply chain management, ICT and system and engineering modules. The degree programme also features SIT’s refreshed ‘Term-In Term-Out’ (TITO) modality that enables students to alternate their time between the university and the workplace every year. There are also many opportunities for industry visits and exposure, such as field trips to the A*STAR Supply Chain Control Tower.


Industry partners shared their perspectives on the importance of developing a digitally enabled pool of talents to help drive sector transformation.

With Singapore being a bustling trade hub, fresh graduates from this programme will be entering an exciting and fulfilling industry armed with the latest skills to make a difference. The pandemic has also expedited the pivot to e-commerce, driving urgent needs in the industry for talent.

The Premier Choice

All three degrees feature SIT’s Integrated Work Study Programme, an eight to 12-month hands-on work attachment with a company that will allow them to apply what they have learnt in university in a deeply engaging manner. Armed with a kaleidoscope of highly specialised and industry-relevant degree programmes that cater perfectly to Smart Nation ambitions, SIT is the premier choice for students who want to make an impact on the future of digitalisation and technology in Singapore – and beyond.

Admissions to SIT is open from now till 19 March 2023. 

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