How SIAEC is Charting Out the Upskilling & Reskilling Flight Path for a Future-proof Workforce

Seizing opportunities in the midst of a crisis, SIAEC capitalised on the reduction in workload to accelerate the upskilling and reskilling of its workforce, building capabilities to emerge stronger post-pandemic.


Lean Thinking: Spurring Creativity at Shalom Movers

At Shalom Movers, four to five movers are deployed for each moving job. They would wrap, pack and then move the boxes to a holding area near the lift lobby before transporting the ...

Lean Thinking at NHCS: Delivering Faster Patient Care

With over 120,000 outpatient consultations every year, the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) took on a multi-faceted approach in enhancing its patient experience under the ...

Transforming Everyday Work at Four Seasons Catering with Lean Thinking

Transforming Everyday Work at Four Seasons Catering with Lean ThinkingEvery day, it would take the team at Four Seasons Catering three hours to prepare and organise their warehouse ...


Lean Practices: Streamlined Processes to Better Serve Patients at the National Heart Centre

"Go see, ask why, show respect", the words of Toyota Chairman Fujio Cho, are now famous as basic lean principles.As a recent participant of SIT’s The Lean! Project (previously ...

Lean Practices: Tightening Processes at Shalom Movers

Singapore Institute of Technology recently held its fourth CXO Lean Summit, an annual conference organised by Lean Transformation Innovation Centre (LTIC), the university’s focal resource centre where local companies can acquire knowledge and training, as

Lean Practices: Enhanced Processes at Four Seasons Group

As a consortium of three thriving catering businesses, as well as an event management company, the Four Seasons Group (FSG) is a key player in the highly competitive local culinary business arena. To stay competitive, FSG recognises that it needs to const

SIT Strengthens Service Innovation Offerings for Local Organisations, and Signs MOU with The National Library Board

The launch of IDP, as well as the signing of the SIT-NLB MoU, were commemorated at the fourth CXO Lean Summit, an annual conference organised by LTIC. The Summit provides a platform for local companies to gather and share successful lean achievements and

A Lean Way to Address Industry Problems

A Lean Way to Address Industry Problems


Lessons from CXO Summit 2018

In its third year, the CXO Lean Summit 2018 held on 24 April showcased some success stories from industry practitioners who engaged the services of the Lean Transformation Innovation Centre (LTIC) at SIT.