Horse riding therapy

Novel Spinal Cord Injury Clinical Trial Helps Paralysed Patients Walk Again

Associate Professor Wee Seng Kwee and fellow researchers are on a mission to help patients with severe spinal cord injury regain functional mobility.


SOFS participants

Walking in the Shoes of Stroke Survivors

To Physiotherapy students Mohit Murli Khemlani and Liang Liwen, volunteer work is the key to shaping the next generation of physiotherapists into empathetic healthcare professionals with heart.


Recovering Well: The Art and Science of Physiotherapy

Why do some people recover well from shoulder injuries while others don’t? One physiotherapist is on a mission to investigate.


Wrestlers Who Are Tenacious in Healing Others

Triple threat trio from SIT Physiotherapy are proud SEA Games medallists.

All In One: How SIT is Meeting Singapore’s Healthcare Needs

With its comprehensive suite of Allied Health degree programmes, SIT is nurturing the next generation of talent to meet the demand for healthcare professionals.


Where Leadership and Sports Collide

An aspiring physiotherapist and leader as well, Melissa Yee doesn’t do things by halves when it comes to sports.