SIT Launches Applied Artificial Intelligence and Digital Supply Chain Programmes to Nurture Talents in Technological Transformation

Admissions Exercise taking place 10 Jan-19 Mar; Virtual Open House will be held on 15 Jan.

  • Partnerships established with Singapore Logistics Association, YCH Group and Y3 Technologies to widen and deepen students’ industry exposure
  • Programmes also endorsed by Amazon Web Services and ST Logistics
  • SIT’s AY2022 Admissions Exercise will take place from 10 January to 19 March; SIT’s Virtual Open House will be held on 15 January

The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) is launching two new programmes in Academic Year 2022 (AY2022) to nurture specialised talents proficient in leading industry transformation. Commencing in September 2022, the Bachelor of Science with Honours in Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI) and the Bachelor of Science with Honours in Digital Supply Chain (DSC) are both three-year direct honours programmes with initial intake of 40 students each. AAI emphasises implementing artificial intelligence (AI) within software systems, while DSC focuses on emerging technologies in the digital transformation of the logistics and supply chain sector.

Additionally, the new Academic Year will see the joint Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering programmes offered by SIT and Newcastle University re-designed as a three-year Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME) programme. The programme aims at equipping students with the expertise and skills to drive maritime digitalisation, decarbonisation, offshore renewables, and sustainable design and engineering of the global marine and offshore industry. Three corresponding specialisations in naval architecture, marine engineering and offshore engineering will be offered in the upper years of the degree programme.

Summary of New Programmes in AY2022

New SIT-conferred Degree Programmes:
     1.     Bachelor of Science with Honours in Applied Artificial Intelligence
     2.     Bachelor of Science with Honours in Digital Supply Chain
Merged Degree Programme:Previously Offered As:
     3.     Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Naval  Architecture and Marine Engineering  
– joint degree programme offered by SIT and Newcastle University
  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Naval Architecture
  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Marine Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Offshore Engineering


Meeting Demand for AI Engineers Locally and Globally

Based on the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy unveiled in 2019, AI has been identified as a key technology to be harnessed for Singapore’s Smart Nation transformation. Several initiatives have been put in place, including the strengthening of ecosystem enablers that drive AI innovation and adoption, as well as the training of 25,000 AI-proficient professionals by 2025[1]. Worldwide spending on AI systems is also expected to jump from US$85.3 billion in 2021 to more than US$204 billion in 2025, according to an August 2021[2] report by global market intelligence provider International Data Corporation (IDC). These are testaments to the urgent demand for engineers skilled in AI implementation across various sectors, both locally and globally.

Through core training in software engineering, machine learning and professional skills, the AAI programme aims to provide a strong talent pipeline of AI engineers proficient in developing, deploying and maintaining AI systems across multiple industry sectors. As part of SIT’s unique applied learning pedagogy, students will be exposed to industry projects staged across various domains, such as fintech, engineering and healthcare. By intentionally building real-world projects into the programme curriculum, students are trained to be agile, and to be able to implement AI within a wide range of industry settings.

The AAI programme is welcomed by partners such as Amazon Web Services, and has received endorsement from the national AI programme, AI Singapore.

 Nurturing Talents for Innovation in Supply Chain and Logistics

With pressures to optimise and provide greater visibility of supply chain operations and processes, there is an increasing need for talents who can lead the deployment of Industry 4.0 technologies in the sector. The surge in e-commerce and fulfilment of last-mile services has accelerated the adoption of integrated systems that feature tools for automation and digitalisation, such as AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), and robotics. According to a report by the Ministry of Manpower in October 2020, higher value-job roles such as Logistics System Engineer, Supply Chain Analyst, and Automation Specialist are increasingly in demand to meet the logistics sector’s evolving operating models and business needs[3].

To seize this opportunity, SIT has launched the DSC programme, designed in consultation with industry partners such as ST Logistics Pte Ltd, YCH Group, Y3 Technologies and Singapore Logistics Association. The programme places a strong emphasis on the development of capabilities and the adoption of emerging technologies required in industry digital transformation efforts. The interdisciplinary programme aims to equip students with knowledge and skills in domains that would support the transformation of the supply chain and logistics sector. Students will acquire capabilities in infocomm technology and engineering to address increasingly complex situations that require robust integrated systems solutions. The programme will also train students in the design of digital supply chain solutions, software engineering, as well as systems and project management.

 Notable Industry Partnerships Established in Support of New Programme

In conjunction with the launch of the DSC programme, SIT has today established partnerships with key industry partners Singapore Logistics Association (SLA), YCH Group (YCH) and Y3 Technologies (Y3) through two separate Memoranda of Understanding (MOU). Aimed at enhancing the programme’s unique offerings, the partnerships will allow the parties to co-develop and co-deliver the content of the curriculum.

Students will gain work attachment, capstone project collaboration and networking opportunities with SLA’s pool of more than 600 members, leading regional supply chain management provider YCH, and premier supply chain technology solutions provider Y3 Technologies. SIT students and faculty members can also look forward to participating in innovative applied research to deliver integrated solutions for the logistics community. In addition, SIT and its industry partners will co-create training programmes to support workplace learning and upskilling opportunities through customised training programmes.


(From left) Mr Oh Bee Lock, CEO, SLA, and Prof John Thong, Deputy President (Academic) & Provost, SIT.


(From left) Ms Annie Lam, Head, Group Human Resources, YCH Group; Prof John Thong, Deputy President (Academic) & Provost, SIT; and  Mr  Philip Low, CEO, Y3 Technologies.

Placing Students in Authentic Learning Environments

The AAI, DSC and NAME programmes will each offer students an eight-month work attachment through the Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP), an integral feature of SIT’s degree programmes where students undertake relevant work during their course of study. It provides students the opportunity to develop important work skills in their chosen field, and prepares them for a seamless transition to employment. Students will also be expected to concurrently work on their capstone projects in collaboration with their IWSP employers, based on topics or problems relevant to the industry. 

Professor John Thong, Deputy President (Academic) & Provost, SIT, commented: “SIT is committed to nurturing work-ready graduates who are catalysts for Singapore’s transformation into a Smart Nation. The project-intensive curricula we have designed places industry at the core of our students’ learning. By intensifying and deepening their training through industry exposure at multiple touchpoints during the student’s candidature, we instil in students a mindset of learning by doing and enhance their industry-readiness. Our graduates will be able to harness the transformative power of innovation and technology to overcome pressing challenges, and provide impactful solutions both locally and worldwide.”

 SIT Admissions Exercise and Virtual Open House 2022

For AY2022, SIT will offer 38 undergraduate degree programmes. 20 are SIT-conferred, 14 are joint degrees, and 4 are offered by overseas university partners. 5 postgraduate degree programmes and 4 industrial postgraduate degree programmes will also be offered for the upcoming academic year.  Visit https://www.singaporetech.edu.sg/undergraduate-programmes for the full list of degree programmes.

Applications for admission to SIT in AY2022 will open from 10 January to 19 March 2022. The Open House this year will be held virtually on 15 January 2022. Featuring talks by SIT professors and administrators, as well as virtual campus tours, the SIT Virtual Open House (VOH) offers prospective students and their families the chance to discover the university’s suite of degree programmes and experience a taste of campus life.

Interested applicants can peruse the events calendar and register their interest to attend SIT VOH at https://www.singaporetech.edu.sg/openhouse/.


Additional Quotes from Industry Partners

  • Mr Oh Bee Lock, Chief Executive Officer, SLA, said: “As the global logistics industry responds rapidly through innovation and digitalisation to fulfil new supply chain demands in an endemic situation, this timely collaboration with SIT will help to equip our talent pool with relevant skills of the future through the Digital Supply Chain programme and various applied learning opportunities devised in our partnership. We look forward to working with SIT to groom the next generation of logistics talents that will support and grow this highly exciting industry in the next few years to come.”
  • Ms Annie Lam, Head, Group Human Resources of YCH Group, shared: “As a forward-looking supply chain and logistics provider, embracing digitalisation is paramount and essential to ensure that the industry remains evergreen and continue to fulfil the demands of our clients, partners and communities globally. Developing a digitally enabled pool of talents will future proof the continuity of this aspiration, and we are heartened to know that SIT has embarked on this journey to groom talents in this area.”
  • Mr Richard Lim Cherng Yih, Chairman, Board of Directors, ST Logistics, who chairs the Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) of the DSC programme, commented: “The new Digital Supply Chain programme by SIT will groom a much-needed talent pool competent in digital technologies that are crucial for the growth of the logistics industry. Graduates will gain a competitive advantage through the exposure to the evolving technological advancements in supply chain and logistics’ business models and operations.” Other members of DSC’s IAC include representatives from YCH Group, DHL Express and Venture Corp.
  • Mr Peter Moore, Regional Managing Director, Global Public Sector (Asia Pacific and Japan), Amazon Web Services Worldwide, commented: “Technology is redefining our workforce and the skills needed to remain competitive. We are delighted to see higher education institutions like SIT taking the initiative to integrate AI and machine learning into their education programmes to help develop the next generation of cloud computing professionals.”
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