SIT Expert Spotlight



Novel Membranes for Better Wastewater Treatment

A collaboration between the Singapore Institute of Technology and local startup SideStroem Water Technologies to optimise lab-scale nanofiltration-type forward osmosis membranes ...

Overcoming the Barrier to Learning

Is learning new skills still relevant after 40? This was the question Resendos faced while contemplating taking up a postgraduate certificate course at SIT. His decision to constantly upskill himself shaped his entrepreneurial journey.

Tapping into Nature to Address Peritoneal Adhesion

Using pollen grains, the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and local startup Sporogenics teamed up to develop a hydrogel film with superior properties to prevent post-surgery complications.


Constructive Learning for Non-Destructive Work

SIT's workplace learning programme with Rotary Engineering brings employees up to speed with best practices and the latest in technologies.

Equipping Students with Practical Knowledge

Part of Dr Quah Chee Kwang’s role as a Lead Professional Officer at SIT involves working closely with industry partners to develop innovation projects that he hopes will one day make an impact beyond our shores.

Building a New Generation of Women in STEM with SIT

For years, educators, parents, and business leaders have been talking about the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Charting a Way Forward for ‘Immersification’

The Centre for Immersification at SIT held its inaugural Immersions event on 21 October 2022, in conjunction with the 21st IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented ...

Where Do the Possibilities for the Metaverse Lie for Singapore?

The metaverse can remove the barriers of physical distance, and allow us to remotely, but dynamically, interact with people from other countries.

DOSIS Project: Deepening Applied Research Collaboration

A three-year applied research project between SIT and a Finnish university surmounted pandemic challenges and turned into a long-term partnership.

Keeping the Smartest Birds at Bay through Innovative Solutions

The SIT-Polytechnic Innovation Centre of Excellence (SPICE), one of four innovation centres within InnoHub, hosted its first industry knowledge sharing session on 14 October 2022 ...