Pharmaceutical Engineering



SIT pharm eng student

From Lab to Medicine Cabinet: Pharmaceutical Sector's Unsung Heroes

Pharmaceutical engineers work behind the scenes and play a crucial role in the entire journey of pharmaceutical drugs we rely on.


Cong Zhu at work

A Progressive Career Path from IWSP

From an intern to a full-time employee and now, a team lead; the IWSP experience fast-tracked the career path of this SITizen.

All In One: How SIT is Meeting Singapore’s Healthcare Needs

With its comprehensive suite of Allied Health degree programmes, SIT is nurturing the next generation of talent to meet the demand for healthcare professionals.


How VR, Data, and AI are Revolutionising Higher Education

Speakers from the Applied Learning Conference 2022 share how virtual reality and games are transforming the way students learn. Picture this: there is a global infection raging ...


When the Path of Adversity Fuels Passion

Meet SITizen Karishma N Mehta from the Pharmaceutical Engineering programme.


When Lives Are At Stake, Every Little Detail Counts

A cure was needed fast. Victims were quickly succumbing to fever and autoimmune disease-related symptoms like weakness and paralysis. Zika, a mosquito-borne virus, was wreaking ...

EDscape Assessment: Put your mystery-solving skills to the test!

A mysterious explosion had occurred in a biological lab, causing a biohazardous leakage.


Nurturing 'Thinking Tinkerers' for Pharma Industry

The pharmaceutical sector is an important contributor to the Singapore economy, accounting for more than three per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).


Singapore Institute of Technology

Announcement of New Degree Programmes and Industry Initiatives

Singapore Institute of Technology kicks off 2015 with five new applied degree programmes and a slew of ambitious industry initiatives.