Mechanical Engineering



SITizen Poh Yihao, MEng

A Journey of Innovation and Lifelong Learning

Poh Yihao shares why he chose to embark on the Master of Engineering programme at SIT despite the challenges of juggling work and study.

Lionsbot IWSP

Hardwired for Mechanical Engineering

From a student on work attachment to a full-time employee working on what he loves to do, Ravichandran Pradeep Kumar discovered a fulfilling career through SIT’s Integrated Work Study Programme.


Luminaries in the Making

SIT graduates are finding that doors are swinging open along their chosen career paths, thanks to the Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP).

A Different Path to Success

At 25, Ramasamy s/o Subramaniam is living his dream of being a university undergraduate, although the path he was on had seemed to lead a different way.