Agrocorp launches Singapore’s first plant-based, nut-free cheese with SIT's support

HerbY-Cheese made possible through collaborative research in sustainable plant protein extraction

packing and filling

How Two Brands Created a Recipe for Success at FoodPlant

From equipment to expertise, FoodPlant provides the ''ingredients'' that local food manufacturers need to innovate and scale their businesses.

Prof Susanna

Food & Nutrition: Research and Technology

Singapore Institute of Technology’s Vice President (Applied Research), A/Prof Susanna Leong, shares some insights in the importance of food science and technology and how the university is driving research in these key areas.


Towards Food Innovation, One Small Batch at a Time

Jointly launched by SIT, Enterprise Singapore and JTC in April 2022, FoodPlant, Singapore’s first shared facility for small-batch food production, has garnered interest from ...

SIT, Enterprise SG and JTC Jointly Launch FoodPlant to Advance Food Innovation in Local Industry through Small-Batch Production and R&D

The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), Enterprise Singapore (Enterprise SG) and JTC jointly launched FoodPlant, Singapore’s first shared facility for small-batch food production that is licensed by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA).


Class of 2021: Leading with Grit and Passion

SIT celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2021 in October. Meet two graduates who have excelled in both their studies and leadership roles.

Innovation is Key to 'Meat-ing' Food Sustainability Goals

Find out how the university is promoting innovation in Singapore’s fast-growing food tech sector