Dietetics & Nutrition



Prof Susanna

Food & Nutrition: Research and Technology

Singapore Institute of Technology’s Vice President (Applied Research), A/Prof Susanna Leong, shares some insights in the importance of food science and technology and how the university is driving research in these key areas.

All In One: How SIT is Meeting Singapore’s Healthcare Needs

With its comprehensive suite of Allied Health degree programmes, SIT is nurturing the next generation of talent to meet the demand for healthcare professionals.


Optimising Female Fertility with Dietetic Intervention

A nutritional screening tool, developed by Associate Professor Claire Pettitt from the Health and Social Sciences cluster, could help women optimise their nutritional intake to boost their fertility.

Plant-based Protein Supplements – A Tasty Alternative with an Asian Flavour

Black sesame, coffee, passionfruit, and mushroom soup are familiar foods on the local menu. Instead of consuming them directly, these familiar favourites have had their flavour and ...

Dr Chua Thian Poh Makes $2.6m Donation to Support SIT’s Future Campus in Punggol and a Bursary for its Students in Perpetuity

Dr Chua Thian Poh has made a new endowed gift of S$2.6 million to the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) – in support of the development of its future campus in Punggol, as well as the establishment of the Chua Thian Poh Bursary


The Nutrition Experts: 10 Questions with Dietitian Dr Dimitrios Spanos

How much do you know about the field of dietetics?