Applied Research



SITizen Poh Yihao, MEng

A Journey of Innovation and Lifelong Learning

Poh Yihao shares why he chose to embark on the Master of Engineering programme at SIT despite the challenges of juggling work and study.


Transforming Manufacturing in Singapore and Beyond

Associate Professor Yee Fook Cheong is shaping the future of manufacturing as the first Academia Fellow of the International Centre for Industrial Transformation.

New applied research projects

SIT Embarks on New Research Initiatives

SIT recently embarked on new applied research projects with the aim to advance the intersection of health and environment, pharmaceutical manufacturing and AI-driven education tech.


A Cooler, Greener Alternative to Air-conditioning

An innovative cooling system that makes it a breeze to live an eco-friendly lifestyle won this research team the inaugural SIT Applied Research Excellence Award.


Agrocorp launches Singapore’s first plant-based, nut-free cheese with SIT's support

HerbY-Cheese made possible through collaborative research in sustainable plant protein extraction


Recovering Well: The Art and Science of Physiotherapy

Why do some people recover well from shoulder injuries while others don’t? One physiotherapist is on a mission to investigate.


One Ship, Two Worlds: Navigating (Virtual) Reality and Decarbonisation with the Hydromover

Singapore’s waters will soon be plied by an all-electric harbour craft. Associate Professor Tay Zhi Yung tells us more about the Hydromover.


Professor Lock Kai Sang: Solving Real-world Problems

The head of the Energy Efficiency Technology Centre (EETC) at SIT applies a unique blend of research excellence and real-world experience to advancing engineering education while addressing key challenges like decarbonisation and energy efficiency.

packing and filling

How Two Brands Created a Recipe for Success at FoodPlant

From equipment to expertise, FoodPlant provides the ''ingredients'' that local food manufacturers need to innovate and scale their businesses.

Prof Susanna

Food & Nutrition: Research and Technology

Singapore Institute of Technology’s Vice President (Applied Research), A/Prof Susanna Leong, shares some insights in the importance of food science and technology and how the university is driving research in these key areas.