Applied Research



SIT Launches Mangrove Conservatory

SIT Launches Mangrove Conservatory with S$680,000 Support from the Foundation of Rotary Clubs Singapore

The mangrove conservatory will serve as an integrated platform combining community outreach, education, and applied research to improve climate resilience with mangrove conservation and to develop future-proof mangrove strains for the region.


Maximising the Power of Microgrids for Energy Savings

Researchers from SIT, NUS and Power Automation plan to put their findings on smart energy management systems into practice.

SIT and Seatrium MOU

Seatrium and SIT Establish Digital Learning Lab for Industrial Learning & Research Collaboration

A state-of-the-art Digital Learning Lab will be established at SIT Punggol Campus to drive the adoption of innovative maritime technologies.

AI experts from SIT and NVIDIA

SIT Launches First-of-its-kind Centre for AI in Collaboration with NVIDIA

The SIT Centre for AI offers comprehensive end-to-end services with co-supervision by experts from both SIT and NVIDIA



This Doctoral Student is Learning to Build Buildings for Better Living

After 20 years working in the built environment sector, Ho Chee Kit is back in school to acquire new knowledge to uplift the industry with SIT’s Doctor of Engineering programme.


All Charged Up: Classic Car Dealer Pursues Doctorate to Develop EV Battery Health Tester

Tan Lu Han enrolled in SIT’s Doctor of Engineering programme to build novel low-cost and rapid testing device for second-hand electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

Atera Water,  NTU Singapore and SIT collaboration

Local Start-up Atera Water, NTU Singapore and SIT to Make Large-scale Clean Water Production More Affordable for Developing Nations

SIT and Atera developed TeraStream, an innovative water treatment system.

SITizen Poh Yihao, MEng

A Journey of Innovation and Lifelong Learning

Poh Yihao shares why he chose to embark on the Master of Engineering programme at SIT despite the challenges of juggling work and study.


Transforming Manufacturing in Singapore and Beyond

Associate Professor Yee Fook Cheong is shaping the future of manufacturing as the first Academia Fellow of the International Centre for Industrial Transformation.

New applied research projects

SIT Embarks on New Research Initiatives

SIT recently embarked on new applied research projects with the aim to advance the intersection of health and environment, pharmaceutical manufacturing and AI-driven education tech.