Workplace Learning



2022 and beyond: How education is adapting for a new world

Educators and career experts share how education and workplace training can adapt to create a future-ready workforce.


Seizing the Opportunity to Upskill

Meet Ahmad Syahir, one of 26 workplace learners embarking on SIT’s pilot Competency-Based Workplace Learning Pathway

This Singapore university is training cybersecurity and transport experts in the workplace

The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) shares how it bridges the gap between work and study with a new workplace learning pathway.

SIT and Industry Partners Launch Competency-Based Workplace Learning to Upskill Singaporeans in Infocomm Technology and Land Transport Sectors

MOUs signed with Ensign InfoSecurity, the Land Transport Authority, SBS Transit and SMRT Corporation to address industry skills gaps

For Singapore to thrive, education must move out of its ivory tower

Prof Tan Thiam Soon, Prof Chua Kee Chaing and Arthur Poh discuss how a more collaborative workplace learning model involving institutions of higher learning, businesses and workers can be done.

Lean Thinking: Spurring Creativity at Shalom Movers

At Shalom Movers, four to five movers are deployed for each moving job. They would wrap, pack and then move the boxes to a holding area near the lift lobby before transporting the ...

Lean Thinking at NHCS: Delivering Faster Patient Care

With over 120,000 outpatient consultations every year, the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) took on a multi-faceted approach in enhancing its patient experience under the ...


Preparing the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Specialists

Former FBI negotiator Chris Voss has said that every negotiation is a no-lose situation – you have to save all the hostages or you fail.