donation of S$24 million to SIT

Mr Kwek Leng Beng Gifts SIT S$24 Million to Build Future Talents

SIT will name its University Tower the ‘Kwek Leng Beng University Tower’ in recognition of this endowed gift

NEC and SIT Partner for Network Infra for Punggol Campus

NEC and SIT Partner to Deploy State-of-the-Art Network Infrastructure for SIT's Upcoming Campus in Punggol Digital District

The partnership will enable the creation of an innovative and high-tech network infrastructure for Punggol Campus.

SIT Campus Court at SIT Punggol Campus

Future of Education: SIT’s Upcoming Campus Promises Closer Industry-Academia Partnerships

The upcoming campus features a Living Labs Initiative to bridge industry-academia gap through strategic partnerships.

JTC and SIT Establish the ‘PDD Living Lab Programme’

The programme serves as a framework for collaboration between partners to scale smart solutions, with several MOUs inked with UOB, TMCC, Wanxiang Blockchain and its partners, and dConstruct Robotics.

Decarbonisation and Energy Resilience for the Built Environment

Climate change and depleting natural resources have pushed the energy sector, both globally and in Singapore, to embrace more sustainable technologies and practices.

Singapore World Water Day 2023: Every Drop Counts

World Water Day is observed annually on 22 March to highlight the importance of water sustainability. We share how we conserve this precious resource throughout our campus and at ...

Gearing Students Towards a Climate-disrupted World

As the focus shifts to sustainability, SIT ensures that graduates entering the workforce have the skills to thrive.


Second Grant Call to Supercharge Singapore’s Clean Energy Future

EMA and SIT jointly launched their second grant call for R&D proposals in next-generation energy technologies.

ENGIE and SIT Announce Partnership to Advance District Cooling Across Southeast Asia

Symbiotic collaboration will enable applied research, authentic learning spaces for SIT students, co-development of curriculum content, and knowledge sharing sessions for industry and community

Putting the EDGE in Smart Energy Solutions

The S$20 million Exploiting Distributed Generation (EDGE) programme by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and SIT involves building a sustainable energy system –a microgrid – at the ...