Applied Research & Innovation



Blazing a Trail in Food Delivery with Drones

Armed with a background in aerospace engineering and a passion for creating impact, this team of six Aerospace Engineering students built an autonomous drone that can skip the traffic and navigate Singapore’s skyline to deliver food – from scratch.

Decarbonisation and Energy Resilience for the Built Environment

Climate change and depleting natural resources have pushed the energy sector, both globally and in Singapore, to embrace more sustainable technologies and practices.

Prepping for Real Life in a Virtual World

Associate Professor Tan Bhing Leet looks at how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology can help adults with intellectual disabilities and autism practise life skills in a safe, virtual setting.

Constructing a Strong Foundation for Green Buildings

Meet Luke Beh, an engineer by day and master’s student by night, who wants to build a new generation of buildings that are greener and better.

Novel Membranes for Better Wastewater Treatment

A collaboration between the Singapore Institute of Technology and local startup SideStroem Water Technologies to optimise lab-scale nanofiltration-type forward osmosis membranes ...

Tapping into Nature to Address Peritoneal Adhesion

Using pollen grains, the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and local startup Sporogenics teamed up to develop a hydrogel film with superior properties to prevent post-surgery complications.


When Transport Meets Technology: VR for Better Commutes

The Singapore Institute of Technology and the Land Transport Authority harnessed virtual reality to create better commutes. Called the ‘Virtual Reality Commuting Simulator (VRCS)’, this digital transport tool allows LTA to evaluate commuting experiences e

Equipping Students with Practical Knowledge

Part of Dr Quah Chee Kwang’s role as a Lead Professional Officer at SIT involves working closely with industry partners to develop innovation projects that he hopes will one day make an impact beyond our shores.

Building Career Futures One Step at a Time with Micro-credentials

SIT partners with NCS, Singtel, Singapore Computer Society and three polytechnics to boost upskilling efforts in ICT sector for working adults.

Building a New Generation of Women in STEM with SIT

For years, educators, parents, and business leaders have been talking about the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).