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Tsz Hong

Chiu Tsz Hong is a recipient of the SIT Scholarship and is currently a final-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical Power Engineering at SIT. (Photo: BrightSparks)

Since young, Chiu Tsz Hong has always been fascinated by the allure of space, intrigued by how engineering enables humanity to venture into the cosmos. “The science and engineering principles underpinning the operations of massive machines never fail to amaze me!” he exclaimed.

Fueling this fascination, Tsz Hong enrolled into the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical Power Engineering degree programme, a joint degree offered by the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and Newcastle University. He was awarded the SIT Mid-Term Scholarship during the second year of his studies.

As a university pioneering the applied learning pathway, SIT offers Tsz Hong a unique pedagogy that bridges learning and work, emphasising experiential learning with real-world applications.

A Dynamic Approach to Learning

Tsz Hong’s inquisitive nature and passion for tinkering with engineering concepts made him an ideal fit at SIT. His journey in the Electrical Power Engineering programme began with a strong foundation in mathematics, physics and basic programming. However, what sets the curriculum apart is its immersive and experiential learning approach.

“What I appreciate most about the degree programme is the extensive and authentic experience it offers. Every module incorporates lab experiments and projects that enable us to put our classroom knowledge into practice,” he elaborated.

One standout project for Tsz Hong was the Buggy project. In this project, his team faced the challenge of creating a self-steering vehicle using track-emitting magnetic fields. He reflected, “This project required us to apply everything we had learned in Year 1, from physics and circuit theories to control programming. Having the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and witness theories come to life has significantly enhanced my learning!”

Tsz Hong’s journey took an exciting turn when he received the A*STAR Research Internship Award (ARIA) which paved the way for him to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world scenarios. While interning as a research specialist at A*STAR under SIT’s Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP), he encountered a practical issue involving a physical vapour deposition (PVD) machine. “The high-power heater, an integral component of the PVD machine, had malfunctioned. Drawing from my theoretical knowledge in electrical engineering and with the guidance of my colleague, we successfully identified a faulty component in the heater’s circuitry and collaborated to rectify it successfully,” he shared.

His IWSP experience at A*STAR involved more than just problem-solving; it was a chance to collaborate with leading minds in the field. Working alongside scientists on devices aimed at advancing Singapore’s 5G and 6G wireless networks was profoundly enriching for him.

It was also during his IWSP journey that Tsz Hong discovered his passion for STEM-related research, solidifying his decision to pursue a career in the research and development domain.

“What I appreciate most about the degree programme is the extensive and authentic experience it offers. Every module incorporates lab experiments and projects that enable us to put our classroom knowledge into practice,” he shared.

Tsz Hong (2)

Chiu Tsz Hong (Photo: BrightSparks)

Beyond Classroom Boundaries

At SIT, students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new challenges to deepen and broaden their learning journeys.

Exemplifying this spirit, Tsz Hong seized the opportunity to participate in the Overseas Immersion Programme at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom for about three weeks. “Though the duration was short, the chance to study abroad and collaborate with people from diverse cultures was undeniably a great learning experience,” he enthused.

Beyond academic pursuits, Tsz Hong is the Secretary of SIT’s Electrical and Electronics Engineers Power and Energy Society (IEEE PES). He is also part of the Young Engineers’ Space (YES!) Programme. This initiative empowers undergraduates to hone their mentorship skills and ignite a passion for STEM in secondary school students.

“Some of my most memorable encounters have been with the students from Tanglin Secondary School. We conducted various STEM workshops, including programming, battery building, structure constructing, and even building a small vessel,” he recounted. “Being able to help these students uncover their talents and determine their path for further studies is enriching and fulfilling!”

Engaging in such workshop sessions also deepened Tsz Hong’s mentoring abilities and honed his soft skills. These valuable experiences will undoubtedly serve him well as he prepares to enter the workforce after graduation.

A Gateway of Opportunities 

As he reflects on his education experience at SIT, Tsz Hong considers receiving the SIT Scholarship to be the pinnacle of his academic journey. This scholarship has not only propelled his academic journey, but also nurtured his personal growth for future success.

As a scholar and ambassador of SIT, Tsz Hong has been exposed to a plethora of development opportunities and specially curated activities.

“I have had the chance to participate in various events and workshops, such as the Scholar’s Camp, Scholar’s Engagement Programme (SEP), appreciation ceremonies, tea sessions, and outreach activities like the SIT Open House. During the Open House, I got to enhance my public speaking skills by addressing large audiences,” he said.

The character-building workshops under SEP further offered Tsz Hong insights into his strengths and weaknesses, empowering him to collaborate effectively within a team setting.

Indeed, Tsz Hong has found his university experience to be deeply meaningful.

He shared, “I am proud to be a lifelong ambassador of a university like SIT that believes in transformative education and innovation!”

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