Community Health Transformation



SOFS participants

Walking in the Shoes of Stroke Survivors

To Physiotherapy students Mohit Murli Khemlani and Liang Liwen, volunteer work is the key to shaping the next generation of physiotherapists into empathetic healthcare professionals with heart.

Prepping for Real Life in a Virtual World

Associate Professor Tan Bhing Leet looks at how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology can help adults with intellectual disabilities and autism practise life skills in a safe, virtual setting.

Tapping into Nature to Address Peritoneal Adhesion

Using pollen grains, the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and local startup Sporogenics teamed up to develop a hydrogel film with superior properties to prevent post-surgery complications.


Optimising Female Fertility with Dietetic Intervention

A nutritional screening tool, developed by Associate Professor Claire Pettitt from the Health and Social Sciences cluster, could help women optimise their nutritional intake to boost their fertility.