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Valora and

Class of 2023: Lifelong Learning Never Stops

Physiotherapy graduates Joyce Foo (left) and Valora Wong are both advocates of lifelong learning and champions of mid-career switches. They are ready to pursue their passions and make a difference in patients' lives.


SIT Launches ‘Learn for Life’ Initiative to Support Lifelong Learning for All Alumni

New initiatives launched to enable all SIT alumni to read a CET module for free once every five years; simplified admissions process for alumni to read suitable postgraduate degrees

Physical activities

MOTIVATE: Empowering Stroke Survivors to Stay Physically Active

Co-designed with stroke survivors, MOTIVATE is a multisector collaborative initiative for stroke recovery led by the Singapore Institute of Technology


Recovering Well: The Art and Science of Physiotherapy

Why do some people recover well from shoulder injuries while others don’t? One physiotherapist is on a mission to investigate.

AProf Tan Bhing Leet

Helping Mental Health Patients Lead Meaningful Lives

Cognitive remediation expert A/Prof Tan Bhing Leet was recently awarded the 2023 Connie Lieber Science to Practice Award for Cognitive Remediation in Psychiatry.

anthony goff

Knowledge is Power: How Patient Education Empowers People with Knee Osteoarthritis

The study on the effects of knee osteoarthritis by Asst Prof Anthony Goff has clinched the La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre Prize.

Deepening Clinical Expertise through Upskilling

Armed with a Postgraduate Diploma in Sonography, Florence Tan is ready for advanced clinical practice and leadership. 

Prepping for Real Life in a Virtual World

Associate Professor Tan Bhing Leet looks at how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology can help adults with intellectual disabilities and autism practise life skills in a safe, virtual setting.

Bouncing Back from Adversity to Greater Heights

Once a lackadaisical learner in school, SIT’s Outstanding Male Athlete Johan Aw found his stride in university, balancing academia and playing for Singapore’s National Tchoukball team.

Only Room For Excellence

Super-charged, passionate, and driven -- Esther Fang, the winner of SIT’s Outstanding Varsity Leader and aspiring physiotherapist, shares her winning tips.