New joint degree programmes for AY2017

Joint programmes to ensure ‘work-ready’ graduates

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) launched a new Civil Engineering degree programme and converted six of its existing Overseas University (OU) programmes to joint programmes for Academic Year (AY) 2017/2018, in line with the university’s mission to groom industry-ready students while providing well-equipped talent for the industry.

These six programmes, previously offered as ‘campus-blind’ Overseas University (OU) programmes by Newcastle University (NU) at SIT, will now be offered as joint degrees by SIT and NU. These six programmes will now incorporate the Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP), a unique feature of SIT’s current degree offerings.

The new joint degree programmes are listed in the table below.



Degree Programme



Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Civil Engineering – joint degree programme offered by SIT and University of Glasgow

BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering


Master of Engineering Technology in Civil Engineering

MEngTech Civil Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Electrical Power Engineering – joint degree programme offered by SIT and Newcastle University

BEng (Hons) Electrical Power Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in:

• Marine Engineering

• Naval Architecture

• Offshore Engineering

– joint degree programmes offered by SIT and Newcastle University

BEng (Hons)

  • Marine Engineering
  • Naval Architecture
  • Offshore Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering – joint degree programme offered by SIT and Newcastle University

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Chemical Engineering – joint degree programme offered by SIT and Newcastle University

BEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering


New Joint Degree Programmes

From its inception, SIT has been working closely with its OU partners to meet Singapore’s need for niche degree programmes in various growth sectors. Since 2012, over 1,200 students have graduated from NU’s six Engineering and Science programmes in Singapore.

For the upcoming AY 2017/18, SIT and NU will offer these six degree programmes as Joint Undergraduate Programmes, with both universities co-developing and co-teaching the curriculum.

Students from these SIT-NU joint degree programmes will now benefit from SIT’s signature IWSP, where they will work in a host company for an extended period of time, allowing them to integrate theory and practice and develop deep specialist skills in their chosen field.

Together with the existing joint degrees that SIT is offering with University of Glasgow (UofG), Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and DigiPen Institute of Technology, this will increase the total number of joint degrees to 11.

“This is a strategic milestone in our collaborations with our OU partners. These joint degrees will allow students and industry to benefit from the expertise of the faculty from both universities. As we move ahead, we look forward to working together with all our overseas university partners to produce more talents for Singapore’s industry,“said Professor Loh Han Tong, Deputy President (Academic) & Provost, SIT.


Civil Engineering

Additionally, SIT and UofG have also partnered to introduce a Civil Engineering programme to address the need for local manpower with the necessary civil engineering professional qualifications, for the building and construction industry. This three-year Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and one-year Master in Engineering Technology programme will equip students with the practical knowledge and skills to plan, design, construct, maintain and operate infrastructures such as roads, rail, bridges, buildings, canals, ports and underground structures as well as to rehabilitate ageing critical infrastructures in service.

“Through a heavy emphasis on project-based learning and industrial immersion, this programme aims to produce industry-ready graduates who are equipped with a high level of technical expertise to address multidisciplinary challenges, and provide technically sound, economically feasible and sustainable solutions to civil engineering problems,” said Prof Chiew Sing Ping, Programme Director, Civil Engineering, SIT.


SIT Admission Exercise and Open House 2017

SIT’s admission period for AY 2017/2018 is from 11 January to 19 March 2017. Interested students can apply online at singaporetech.edu.sg. SIT takes a holistic approach in assessing applicants, taking into consideration academic results, extra-curricular interests and the candidate’s passion and personal qualities. Relevant work experience will also be considered and all shortlisted applicants will be assessed through interviews.


About Singapore Institute of Technology

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