SIT Introduces Innovative Healthcare and Engineering Programmes to Groom the Next Generation of Future-Ready Talents in Key Sectors

  • New programmes for both pre- and post-graduate learners in Health Sciences and Engineering to address industry demands and skills gaps
  • SIT to offer a through-train Bachelor’s to Master’s programme in Nursing that adopts the Term-In-Term-Out and Work-Study approaches in partnership with SingHealth
  • Academic Year 2024 admissions application period is from 10 January to 19 March 2024
  • SIT Open House 2024 on 13-14 January 2024 at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre

The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) is launching new programmes in Health Sciences and Engineering in Academic Year 2024 (AY2024).

The University will pioneer the Integrated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) - Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) programme in collaboration with SingHealth, the largest public healthcare group in Singapore, to nurture highly trained specialist nurses and the next generation of nurses and leaders to keep ahead of the fast-evolving healthcare landscape.

In Engineering, a new Agritech and Aquaculture Specialisation will be introduced in the Bachelor of Engineering in Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) programme to train the workforce needed in the rapidly developing agri-food sector.  

Emphasising the importance of having industry-aligned programme offerings, Professor John Thong, SIT’s Deputy President (Academic) & Provost, said: “It is crucial that we work towards strengthening the skills and competencies of our students and the workforce amidst a rapidly evolving and highly demanding job market combined with economic volatilities. Our range of industry-relevant programmes ensures that our students are adept in navigating these challenges and keeping abreast of industry needs.”

New Integrated Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Master of Science in Nursing (BSN-MSN) programme in Collaboration with SingHealth

As Singapore faces a rapidly ageing population and a growing burden of chronic and complex health conditions, the need to advance the training of a pipeline of specialist nurses is vital. SIT is the first Autonomous University in Singapore to offer a new through-train Bachelor’s to Master’s pathway in a five-year programme that adopts the Term-In-Term-Out and Work-Study approaches. Developed in collaboration with SingHealth, this Integrated BSN-MSN programme offers a unique, contemporary and innovative training curriculum that closely integrates academic learning and clinical residency to nurture a new calibre of nurses who  will be rigorously trained across a spectrum of clinical settings and be “practice-ready” through authentic learning in actual work environments. This inaugural programme will focus not only on equipping nursing students with advanced and specialised skillsets to pursue different nursing career pathways, but it will also provide opportunities for students to be immersed in interdisciplinary learning environments that will enable them to acquire digital skills, healthcare design and innovation as well as implementation science competencies. Students can gain a holistic appreciation of the evolving role of nursing with the increasing adoption of digital technology in healthcare and be able to trailblaze care pathways that adopt innovation and technology. Ultimately, through this programme, Singapore will benefit from well-trained and highly competent nurses who are practising at the top of their licence and will develop implementable solutions to meet and anticipate future healthcare challenges while enhancing the quality of healthcare here.

The Integrated 3+2-year BSN-MSN programme will adopt differentiated and accelerated learning approaches from existing nursing programmes. Learners will go through a three-year Bachelor’s-level study followed by a two-year Master’s-level study to prepare them for specialist nursing roles and groom them to be future nursing leaders.

  • The programme’s BSN portion is based on the Term-In-Term-Out (TITO) structure that allows students to alternate their time between the university and a clinical residency in a SingHealth institution (clinical home) every academic year. Students will undertake modules on campus (Term-In) over one to two trimesters, followed by a trimester of clinical residency (Term-Out), where they will apply their knowledge and skills in actual clinical settings. This methodology reinforces SIT’s focus on providing authentic learning environments to its students.
  • The MSN portion, which adopts the Work-Study model, will enable nurses to remain in practice in the clinical setting while training them to be specialist nurses, which are increasingly needed as health conditions become more complex. For a start, the following domains of specialisation will be offered in the MSN portion:
    • Medical/Surgical Nursing
    • High Acuity Care Nursing
    • Peri-operative Nursing
    • Community Care Nursing

Adjunct Professor Tracy Carol Ayre, Group Chief Nurse, SingHealth, said, “Nurses play an integral role in the transformation of healthcare systems all over the world, especially as digitalisation and innovation fundamentally change the way care is delivered. SingHealth is excited to partner SIT in offering this unique Integrated Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Master of Science in Nursing programme to nurture the next generation of nurses who will contribute at an advanced level in specific clinical areas to anticipate the increasing demand for specialised care in the near future. This pioneering programme is a critical step forward in empowering the nurses of tomorrow to continue to raise the bar in nursing excellence and chart new and innovative models of care to keep abreast of the evolving developments in the healthcare landscape.”

Students who have successfully completed the programme will be awarded two separate degrees: Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing.

Growing Talent in the Agritech and Aquaculture Sector

In anticipation of the transformation in the agri-food sector and the growing global demand for green talent, SIT will introduce a new elective specialisation in Agritech and Aquaculture under the SBE programme. The new specialisation will cover a wide range of topics, including Agritech systems and Aquaculture economics, to holistically train learners in this field of study. With food security gaining focus, graduates can expect employment opportunities across various sectors, including agri-food, aquaculture, marine research and government sectors. With this new specialisation, the SBE degree programme will have three distinct specialisation baskets – Integrated Facilities Management, Green Building Design, and Agritech and Aquaculture.

Melvin Chow, Senior Director, Urban Food Solutions Division, Singapore Food Agency, said, “The pandemic and extreme weather conditions have shown how food supply chains can be disrupted, and this reiterates the importance of food security. This is why we have a “30 by 30” vision, with an aim to build the agri-food industry’s capability and capacity to sustainably produce 30 per cent of Singapore’s nutritional needs by 2030.

“The agri-food sector would have to harness technologies for a productive, climate-resilient, and resource-efficient food production. The same goes for the future of aquaculture in Singapore, as we aim to be the leading research and innovation cluster for sustainable tropical aquaculture. Having a workforce adept in agri-tech and aquaculture becomes paramount. SIT’s specialised training is a timely and strategic response to this demand, preparing students to be catalysts for innovation and sustainability in the agri-food and aquaculture industry.”  

Specialist Certificate in Environmental Sustainability Measurement and Management

The University is also launching a new Specialist Certificate in Environmental Sustainability Measurement and Management to support industry’s growing sustainability reporting needs. This specialist certificate will be offered as a Continuing Education and Training course to working professionals who may apply for enrolment in the inaugural intake starting May 2024.

The course provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of sustainability, presenting various approaches to managing and advancing sustainability, including circularity, adaptation, mitigation, financing and policymaking. Learners will develop skillsets in quantifying and articulating the measurement and management of environmental sustainability.

AY2024 Admissions Exercise

For AY2024, SIT will offer 39 undergraduate degree programmes, 23 of which are SIT conferred,12 are joint degrees, and four are offered by its overseas university partners. SIT also offers four postgraduate degree programmes (by coursework) and four industrial postgraduate degree programmes. Visit for the full list of degree programmes. The application period for admission to SIT in AY2024 is from 10 January to 19 March 2024 at applicants of the Specialist Certificate in Environmental Sustainability Measurement and Management course can enquire more at

Open House 2024

SIT's Open House will be held on 13 and 14 January 2024 at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre. Featuring talks and panel discussions by SIT professors and staff, as well as hands-on workshops and classes, SIT Open House 2024 offers prospective students and their families the chance to discover the university’s suite of degree programmes and experience how SIT provides a holistic, applied learning education. Those interested can explore the events calendar and register their interest to attend SIT’s Open House 2024 at

SIT Open House 2024

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