What will you build for tomorrow’s world? Explore degree programmes in aerospace, civil, electrical, mechanical, marine, and data engineering.

  1. Aircraft Systems Engineering
    Aircraft Systems Engineering
  2. civil-engineering
    Civil Engineering
  3. computer engineering
    Computer Engineering
  4. Digital Supply Chain
    Digital Supply Chain
  5. electrical-power-engineering
    Electrical Power Engineering
  6. Electronics and Data Engineering
    Electronics and Data Engineering
  7. Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Land)
    Engineering Systems
  8. mechanical-design-manufacturing-engineering
    Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering
  9. mechanical-engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
  10. mechatronics-systems
    Mechatronics Systems
  11. naval-architecture-marine-engineering
    Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  12. robotics-systems
    Robotics Systems
  13. sustainable-infrastructure-engineering-building-services
    Sustainable Built Environment