Aerospace Systems

Aerospace Systems

Note: With effect from academic year 2019, this programme will be offered as a joint degree by SIT and the University of Glasgow. Find out more about the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Aerospace Engineering.

Programme Overview
Virtually all modern aircraft, from airliners to micro unmanned systems, rely on complex and comprehensive onboard systems. In this programme, you will be required to bring together concepts from aeronautical, electrical and system engineering to understand how these systems are designed, implemented and operate, as well as their effect on the operation, performance and safety of aerospace vehicles.

In this programme, you will study topics including aerospace dynamics and control, flight mechanics, aircraft performance, and avionics systems. You will also have the opportunity to visit Glasgow where you will carry out a team project to design, build and flight test your own unmanned lighter-than-air vehicle.

Career Opportunities
Aerospace Systems Engineers will acquire knowledge in manned and unmanned flight systems as well as mechanics and dynamics of flight vehicles. Possible career opportunities include aeronautics, defence, payload and electronics development.

Learn about SIT-UofG's Bachelor of Engineering in Aerospace Systems.

Eligibility and Exemption

Polytechnic Diploma

Nanyang Polytechnic

  • Aeronautical & Aerospace Technology
  • Aerospace Systems & Management

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

  • Aerospace Electronics
  • Aerospace Technology
  • Automation & Mechatronic Systems
  • Electronic & Computer Engineering (Aerospace Electronics option)

Republic Polytechnic

  • Aerospace Avionics
  • Aerospace Engineering (Quality Systems)
  • Civil Aviation

Singapore Polytechnic

  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Aerospace Electronics
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Aerospace option / Aerospace Engineering option)
  • Engineering Systems
  • Mechatronics and Robotics (Aerospace Engineering option)

Temasek Polytechnic

  • Aerospace Electronics
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Electronics (Avionics Electives cluster / Aerospace Electronics option)

Other relevant diplomas not listed will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Study Trip

Students studying in the University of Glasgow (UofG) degree programmes are required to complete a four-week attachment in Glasgow at the home campus of the University of Glasgow, U.K., where they will undertake a 10-credit group design/practical module, experience a different culture and interact with students there. Some industrial visits and guest lectures may be organised by the University of Glasgow. The estimated cost ranges from S$4,500* to S$5,500*.

Note: Estimated costs are dependent on the prevailing currency exchange rate and flight ticket prices.


Year 1
SIT3015 Aerospace Systems Team Design Project 3G

Group work on the development of guidance and control algorithms for rotorcraft vehicles.

SIT3026 Aircraft Performance 3S

This course will equip the student with a robust theoretical basis for development of elementary concepts in aircraft performance.

SIT3023 Applicable Mathematics 3S

Mathematical techniques required in the degree programmes taught in collaboration with the Singapore Institute of Technology. The main topics are vector calculus and functions of a complex variable, whose applications to fluid flow will be described.

SIT3018 Communication Systems 3S

Overview of analogue and basic digital communication system modulation, generation and detection techniques. In addition, the student will be introduced to the basic principles of spectral analysis and shown how this relates to a communication system.


SIT3019 Dynamics and Control 3S

Dynamics: gives the student a thorough grounding in the modelling of mechanical systems, the solution of the resulting differential equations and the application to simple vibration problems. Control: understand and analyse simple feedback control systems.

SIT3020 Eletromagnetic Compatibility 3S

Origins of unwanted electromagnetic emissions in terms of the electric and magnetic fields causing them. Ability to analyse the propagation of electromagnetic waves in various media.

SIT3028 Flight Mechanics 3S

Theoretical basis for development of elementary concepts in atmospheric flight mechanics and aircraft stability and control.

SIT3025 Instrumentation and Data Systems 3S

This course provides an introduction to instrumentation and data systems for engineers covering error analysis, signal acquisition and processing.

SIT3021 Numerical Methods in Aerospace Engineering 3S

Understanding of the basic numerical methods used in engineering encouraged through requiring the student to implement and use numerical methods for solving engineering problems.

SIT3022 Propulsion and Turbomachinery 3S

Course consists of five basic elements which are: basic propulsion considerations; turbomachinery; gas dynamics; propeller based propulsion and environmental considerations.

SIT3029 Real Time Computer Systems 3S

Hardware and software of computer systems which receive inputs from the physical world outside the computer and which must respond within the deadlines imposed by the time constants of the external hardware. The problems of multitasking, which arise when such systems have to respond to several simultaneous external events, are also introduced.

SIT3030 Software Engineering 3S

Understand the nature and problems of software and the need for software engineering. Develop familiarity with selected software engineering processes and techniques. Explore the relationship between software engineering and more traditional engineering disciplines.

Year 2
SIT4019 Aerospace Systems Design Project 4S

Group work on developing flight control algorithms for an autonomous aerial vehicle. The algorithms will then be flight tested on a suitable UAV platform.

SIT4014 Flight Dynamics 4S

In depth knowledge of aspects of flight dynamics and will enable students to analyse the dynamic characteristics of aircraft.

SIT4017P Final Year Project 4S

As part of the fourth year assessment, each B.Eng. Honours student is required to undertake a project of his/her choice and to give a presentation of such to a group of staff and students. B.Eng projects can be experimental, computational or dissertational and carried out, during your final year, under the supervision of a staff member. Project will be available in many different aerospace topics aerodynamics, flight mechanics, avionics, structures and material, aeroelasticty, fluidmechanics, space systems engineering, propulsion and turbomachinery, etc.

SIT5004 Professional Practice 5S

Introduces the concepts of entrepreneurial planning through understanding and practice in the use of developing a business plan.

SIT4009 Aerospace Control 4S

Different approaches for controller design based on classical control methodologies, design and analyse basic three term controllers for Aerospace Systems applications. State Space and Multi-variable control theories and implementing electronic feedback controllers.

SIT4042 Navigation Systems 4S

Introduction to the theory of navigation systems' technology required by the aerospace systems' engineer.

SIT4043 Radar and Electro-Optic Systems 4S

Introduction to the concepts behind radar based systems; to signal processing and filter design; to EO systems for remote sensing and target tracking.

Campus Location
SIT@SP Building
SIT@SP Building

Singapore Polytechnic
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