Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering

Note: With effect from academic year 2019, this programme will be offered as a joint degree by SIT and the University of Glasgow. Find out more about the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Aerospace Engineering.

Programme Overview
Aeronautical Engineering is a highly-advanced discipline that explores how flight is possible and how flying vehicles are designed, manufactured, powered, operated and controlled. You will learn to analyse and understand the vehicles’ behaviour, performance, propulsion and power systems, as well as perform detailed design of structural components.

This programme will focus on the advanced concepts of aeronautics. These include flight dynamics and control, aircraft vibration and aeroelasticity, structures and materials, and high-speed aerodynamics. An exciting feature of the programme is a visit to Glasgow where you will carry out a preliminary aircraft design project and perform aerofoil experiments in a large-scale wind tunnel.

Career Opportunities
Aeronautical Engineers will have a strong foundation in aero and fluid dynamics as well as structures and materials of flight vehicles. This prepares them for careers in industries such as aeronautics, propulsion, offshore drilling, renewable energy and automotives.

Learn about SIT-UofG's Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering.

Eligibility and Exemption

Polytechnic Diploma

Nanyang Polytechnic

  • Aeronautical & Aerospace Technology
  • Aerospace Systems & Management

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

  • Aerospace Technology
  • Aerospace Electronics
  • Mechanical Engineering

Republic Polytechnic

  • Aerospace Avionics
  • Aerospace Engineering (Quality Systems)
  • Civil Aviation

Singapore Polytechnic

  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Aerospace Electronics
  • Engineering Systems
  • Mechanical Engineering (formerly known as Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering)

Temasek Polytechnic

  • Aerospace Electronics
  • Aerospace Engineering

Other relevant diplomas not listed will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Study Trip

Students studying in the University of Glasgow (UofG) degree programmes are required to complete a four-week attachment in Glasgow at the home campus of the University of Glasgow, U.K., where they will undertake a 10-credit group design/practical module, experience a different culture and interact with students there. Some industrial visits and guest lectures may be organised by the University of Glasgow. The estimated cost ranges from S$4,500* to S$5,500*.

Note: Estimated costs are dependent on the prevailing currency exchange rate and flight ticket prices.


Year 1
SIT3014 Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics 3S

Understanding of incompressible fluid mechanics and will also provide an understanding of the aerodynamic forces generated on wings and bodies in incompressible flow and the ability to predict them.

SIT3016 Aircraft Design 3G

Group work on a conceptual design project to develop a technical specification for a new aircraft from broad design requirements; first defining the needs and any operational constraints that apply to the design. Alternative concepts should be devised with the aim of seeking an innovative solution. The project is complemented by experiments using a wind tunnel

SIT3026 Aircraft Performance 3S

This course will equip the student with a robust theoretical basis for development of elementary concepts in aircraft performance.

SIT3027 Aircraft Structural Analysis and Design 3S

Provides practical insight into the assessment of structural behaviour using combinations of analytical, experimental and numerical techniques. Develop experimental skills for validation of predicted behaviour of structural members under load.

SIT3017 Aircraft Structures and Materials 3S

Introduction to the concepts of shear flow and shear centre and will develop an understanding of the behaviour of structural materials under various load systems.

SIT2003 Applicable Mathematics 2S

The main topics include calculus of several variables, differential equations, Fourier series and Laplace transforms.

SIT3023 Applicable Mathematics 3S

Mathematical techniques required in the degree programmes taught in collaboration with the Singapore Institute of Technology. The main topics are vector calculus and functions of a complex variable, whose applications to fluid flow will be described.

SIT3019 Dynamics and Control 3S

Dynamics: gives the student a thorough grounding in the modelling of mechanical systems, the solution of the resulting differential equations and the application to simple vibration problems. Control: understand and analyse simple feedback control systems.

SIT3028 Flight Mechanics 3S

Theoretical basis for development of elementary concepts in atmospheric flight mechanics and aircraft stability and control.

SIT3025 Instrumentation and Data Systems 3S

This course provides an introduction to instrumentation and data systems for engineers covering error analysis, signal acquisition and processing.

SIT3021 Numerical Methods in Aerospace Engineering 3S

Understanding of the basic numerical methods used in engineering encouraged through requiring the student to implement and use numerical methods for solving engineering problems.

SIT3022 Propulsion and Turbomachinery 3S

Course consists of five basic elements which are: basic propulsion considerations; turbomachinery; gas dynamics; propeller based propulsion and environmental considerations.

Year 2
SIT4010 Aerospace Design Project 4S

Group work on a detailed design project to continue developing a technical specification for a new aircraft. Detailed analysis of aerodynamic and structural performances, system definition (avionics, landing gear etc). Analysis of marketing potential and development of a business plan.

SIT4012 Aircraft Structures and Materials 4S

Finite element method, one and two-dimensional elements, bending, pressure loaded and buckling plates. Elastic instability of struts and rigidly jointed frames. Laminated plate theory, extensional and bending stiffness.

SIT4048 Industrial Aerodynamics 4S

This course applies the principles of aerodynamics to industrial areas other than aerospace. Examples include the action of atmospheric wind on buildings and structures, including static, dynamic and aeroelastic effects, and the basic aerodynamic features of road vehicles. These examples increase students' awareness of wider applications of an aerospace education.

SIT4014 Flight Dynamics 4S

In depth knowledge of aspects of flight dynamics and will enable students to analyse the dynamic characteristics of aircraft.

SIT4016 High Speed Aerodynamics 4S

Understanding of how compressibility affects the global and local nature of the flow and its effects on the aerodynamic forces generated on wings and bodies in subsonic, transonic and supersonic flows.

SIT5004 Professional Practice 5S

Introduces the concepts of entrepreneurial planning through understanding and practice in the use of developing a business plan.

SIT4017P Final Year Project 4S

As part of the fourth year assessment, each B.Eng. Honours student is required to undertake a project of his/her choice and to give a presentation of such to a group of staff and students. B.Eng projects can be experimental, computational or dissertational and carried out, during your final year, under the supervision of a staff member. Project will be available in many different aerospace topics aerodynamics, flight mechanics, avionics, structures and material, aeroelasticty, fluidmechanics, space systems engineering, propulsion and turbomachinery, etc.

SIT4040 Space Flight Dynamics 4S

Introduction to 2 body problem, orbit typologies and mechanics, impulsive and low thrust transfers, orbital perturbations, 3 body problem, Lagrange equilibrium points.

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