Tuition Fees for Undergraduate Programmes

Tuition Fees for Undergraduate Programmes

SIT’s tuition fees for undergraduate programmes are cohort-based. Based on their year of intake, students pay a fixed fee throughout their candidature. National Servicemen who defer the commencement of their studies will continue to pay the prevailing tuition fees for the year they accepted SIT’s offer of enrolment.

To help students manage the cost of full-time tertiary education in Singapore, the Government of Singapore offers a Tuition Grant Scheme that provides subsidies for eligible students.

For detail tuition fee and grant information, download SIT Undergraduate Tuition Fees.

Tuition Grant Scheme

Singapore Citizens will be automatically awarded a Tuition Grant with no bond obligation. Non-Singaporean students (including Singapore Permanent Residents) will need to apply for the grant and commit on a Grant Agreement to work in a Singapore entity for three years upon graduation.

For more information visit MOE’s website: TGOnline
*If you have graduated from a part-time undergraduate degree programme awarded by then-SIM University and was enrolled in the degree programme between 2001 to 2008, please contact us at for more details on tuition fees.

Miscellaneous Fees

In addition to the tuition fees, you will be required to pay miscellaneous fees. These fees are annually recurring, non-refundable, and payable at the beginning of each academic year. They help to defray the costs of providing copyright, insurance, student and IT services.


*Miscellaneous fees for AY2020/21

Singapore Citizens

S$262.15 (S$245.00 +7% GST)

Singapore Permanent Residents

S$262.15 (S$245.00 +7% GST)

International Students

S$347.75 (S$325.00 +7% GST)


a. decide to withdraw, or apply for leave of absence from SIT after the end of Week 2 of their semester/trimester; OR

b. have their candidature subsequently terminated by SIT; OR

c. are on term break, capstone projects, Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP/OIWSP), Overseas Immersion Programme (OIP) or Overseas Exposure Programme (OEP).

* Miscellaneous fees are subject to revision every year

Incidental Fees

During their candidature, students may utilise various administrative services that incur incidental fees. Examples of such services include reviews of exam results, replacement of matriculation card, change of programme, etc.

A full listing of incidental fees can be found in the Student Intranet.

Payment Cycle

Tuition fees are payable each trimester or semester, depending on the course of study. Miscellaneous fees are payable in trimester 1 or semester 1 of each academic year. The following are the payment due dates:

Trimester-based Programmes


Payment Due Date

Trimester 1

28 Oct 2019

Trimester 2

02 Mar 2020

Trimester 3

22 July 2020

Semester-based Programmes


Payment Due Date

Semester 1

28 Oct 2019

Semester 2

02 Mar 2020

Payment Notice

Students will be notified via email and SMS to view the online Fee Statement in the SIT Student Portal - IN4SIT. For each payment, the following two notifications will be sent:



Semester / Trimester 1 - By 1st week of October

Semester / Trimester 2 - By 1st week of February

Semester / Trimester 3 - By 1st week of June

Students will receive a preliminary statement with the tuition fees without taking into account financial assistance. Note that this is NOT A REQUEST FOR PAYMENT. Students are advised take note of the payment due date and GIRO deduction date.

At least one week before payment due date

Students will receive a payment advice for fees payable after deducting any relevant financial assistance.

Students are advised to take note of the payment due date and GIRO deduction date and ensure that there is sufficient balance in their accounts for GIRO deduction.

Payment Mode

Interbank Giro

Students are encouraged to make fee payments via Interbank GIRO. Interbank GIRO applications to DBS and POSB can be made online via DBS/POSB Internet Banking.

Alternatively, students can download and complete a personalised GIRO application form from Student Intranet, and mail it to:

10 Dover Drive
Singapore 138683
Attention: Finance Division (Accounts Receivable)

Notification of application status will be sent to student’s SIT email account.

Online Credit/Debit Card Payment

Students can pay by internet banking or debit/credit cards via IN4SIT at Student Intranet. Web linkage to this online payment intranet can also be found in the Fee Statement by clicking 'Make a payment' button.

Please enable pop-ups in your browser in order to make payment online. For information on how to disable the blocker, please refer to our user guide.

Should you encounter any technical issue, please email or call 6746 6515 for assistance.


NETS payment can be made at any of our Student Services Centre from Monday to Fridays, 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Students need to be mindful of their personal daily NETS transaction limit before making payment via NETS.


AXS Kiosk
The detailed steps on making payment via AXS Machine are as follows:

Step 1: Select “Education”
Step 2: Select “Singapore Institute of Technology”
Step 3: Select “Tuition and Related Fees”
Step 4: Enter Student ID
Step 5: Press “Continue”
Step 6: Enter the payment amount and click “Proceed” to make payment using your ATM card
Step 7: Collect/Retain receipt after transaction has been made

AXS e-Station
The detailed steps on making payment via AXS e-Station are as follows:

Step 1: Select “eServices”
Step 2: Under “Education”, select “Singapore Institute of Technology”
Step 3: Select “Tuition and Related Fees”
Step 4: Enter Student ID
Step 5: Click “Continue”
Step 6: Enter email address to receive an e-receipt of your transaction
Step 7: Proceed with the online payment steps

AXS m-Station
The detailed steps on making payment via AXS m-Station are as follows:

Step 1: Select “eServices”
Step 2: Select “Education”
Step 3: Select “Singapore Institute of Technology”
Step 4: Select “Tuition and Related Fees”
Step 5: Enter Student ID
Step 6: Enter the payment amount and click “Confirm”
Step 7: Enter email address to receive an e-receipt of your transaction
Step 8: Click “Pay Now”
Step 9: Proceed with the online payment steps

Note: AXS payments will be reflected in student Fee Statement within 3 working days.


Refunds and Payments from SIT

In order to receive refunds or any payments from SIT (e.g. Awards and applicable Financial Aids), students need to update their bank account details via Student Intranet>IN4SIT.

SIT would make payment to your bank account or PayNow only.

The detailed steps to update your bank account no. (DCA) or PayNow are as follows:

Step 1: Log in to IN4SIT
Step 2: Select “Profile” at the Student Homepage
Step 3: Select “Credit Bank Account Details”
Step 4: Select “Add A New Credit Bank Account” or “Add PayNow Details” *
Step 5: Enter your bank account or confirm your PayNow proxy and click “Submit”

*Note: For PayNow, please ensure you have opted for NRIC instead of Mobile Number at the point of registration with your bank. Payment would NOT be credited to your bank account if you have linked your PayNow via Mobile Number.