Blu5 Group Book Prize in Machine Learning

The Blu5 Group Book Prize in Machine Learning is established at SIT to encourage and recognise academic excellence among students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Computing Science degree programme.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

The candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Pursuing a full-time Bachelor of Science in Computing Science degree at SIT
  • Achieved the top score in the Machine Learning module
  • The prize will be shared equally in the event that more than one student achieves the highest score
  • The prize will be given out from Academic Year 2022/23 onwards.

Benefits of the Award

Certificate and Cash Prize of S$1,500

About the Donor

This book prize was made possible with a gift from Blu5 Group. Blu5 takes pride in supporting digitalisation teams with SElink™ Zero Trust Networking to overcome constant but pressing challenges in Connectivity, Networking & Security ranging from workstations, machines, controllers and even down to minuscule sensor level.  SElink™ brings invaluable but measurable benefits to various verticals for easy remote access yet, air-gapping Critical Infrastructures & Resources (i.e. IIoT, OT, Industrial Automation, FinTech, BioMedical, Space & Defence and more) against internal and external cyber threats. Since its foundation in 2007 and with over 40+ patents, the Blu5 R&D team continues to evolve in generating innovative solutions.