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    Are the Bursaries/Grants repayable?

    No, recipients are typically not required to repay Bursaries/Grants. However, the award quantum must be returned in part or in full if you either withdraw or are terminated from your studies at SIT.

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    Do I have to submit my application for the Higher Education Community Bursary or Higher Education Bursary yearly?

    Each Higher Education Community or Higher Education Bursary award is valid for 1 Academic Year. Hence, previous recipients of the bursary will become eligible to re-apply in the following Academic Year. 

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    I heard that there are 4 different quanta for the public bursaries, how will I know which one I am eligible to receive?

    There are two tiers of bursaries, the Higher Education Community Bursary (HECB), and the Higher Education Bursary (HEB), each with 2 sub-tiers. All four provide a different quantum. The actual award of the Public Bursary is based on the individual applicant’s Residency and assessed Per Capita Income (PCI) or Gross Household Income (GHI), whichever will accord the student the higher Public Bursary quantum. You will be informed of the exact quantum awarded to you through email notification of the application outcome. 

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    Can I hold more than one bursary concurrently?

    SIT aims to provide financial assistance to as many needy students as possible. Concurrent holding of two or more Bursary/Grant awards is subjected to approval on a case by case basis. 

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    Can I hold a combination of bursaries and scholarships concurrently?

    This is possible, provided the Terms & Conditions of both awards permit the concurrent holding of awards. At the point of acceptance of the bursary or scholarship award, all awardees are expected to declare their agreement to abide by this condition. If a student is found to have accepted two awards which do not permit concurrent holding of other awards, he or she would have to relinquish one award or refund the monies already granted under one of the awards. 

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    What is the processing time for the public and private bursaries?

    The public bursaries (Higher Education Community Bursary and Higher Education Bursary) require at least 2-3 months processing time before submission for approval to the respective bursary awarders. The processing time for private bursaries varies as the assessment process includes interviews for shortlisted applicants before recommendations are made to the awarding organisation. 

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    How is the Bursary/Grant disbursed to successful applicants?

    The disbursement of the award differs for each bursary, depending on the designated use for education expenses, tuition fees, OIP or other expenses. Awardees may receive the funds directly from the bursary awarders or via SIT. These funds could be disbursed to the student via direct credit or be used to deduct/offset outstanding school fees. Students will be informed of the different outcomes accordingly. 

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    Can the study grant be used for other school-related expenses besides paying tuition fees?
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    There are so many private bursaries available, how do I know which ones to apply for? What are the chances of success for my application?

    You may approach the Admissions team for advice on the requirements of the different bursaries before applying. Success of the application depends on whether the eligibility criteria and expectations of the Bursary/Grant sponsors/donors are met. 

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    Why is the application statement required?

    The statement applicants submit forms an important part to assess a student's application holistically. It helps the Financial Assistance Team understand the applicant better and match them to the right financial assistance.

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    Would my property type affect my Financial Aid (FA) Application outcome?

    Property type/ownership does not affect a student's eligibility for the Public Bursaries. Property type/ownership may be taken into account in determining student's eligibility for the various Donated bursaries/grants.

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    Would I be eligible to receive a public bursary with a larger quantum if there is a drop in my Per Capita Income (PCI)?

    Yes, students may be eligible to receive a public bursary with a larger quantum within the same Academic Year if there is a drop in their PCI or Gross Household Income (GHI). As there are 2 FA application cycles, students are welcome to submit applications through both cycles and if he/she is assessed to be eligible for a public bursary with a larger quantum within the same Academic Year, SIT will credit a top-up of the monies directly to the student. If students were to miss the FA application cycle, they are welcome to contact the Financial Assistance team to appeal for the public bursary with a larger quantum or any other FA  that might be available, subject to fulfilment of the eligibility criteria.

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    How would I be informed of my Financial Aid Application outcome?

    Matriculated students are typically informed through email notifications sent to their SIT student email accounts. Students will be notified of their FA application regardless of outcome, i.e. rejection (incomplete application), rejection (income exceed), successful/unsuccessful award, etc.

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    Where can I obtain more information on the bursaries and grants available?

    Please refer here for more information on the various awards and the application periods.

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    I still have questions on Bursaries/Grants, who can I contact to find out more?

    You may contact the Admissions Division at 6592 1136 during office hours.

    Alternatively, you may write in to fas@singaporetech.edu.sg with your enquiry. Be sure to include your particulars and contact information for our ease of follow-up.