Smart Sensor Network

A connected smart campus for the future

To achieve a smart and connected campus, SIT’s future campus will be wired with a campus-wide smart sensor network of over 10,000 sensors. The sensors will be used to collect temperature, ambient light, and human presence data.

This data will be shared with the Integrated Building Management System (IBMS), which will connect various building systems, such as lighting, lifts, air-conditioning, and security, through the Internet of Things (IoT).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Data Analytics System will then continuously analyse the data and control the building’s systems through the IBMS platform to derive the optimum building environment, so to enhance campus experience and workspace efficiency.

Smart sensors
Living Lab

Living Lab

Research and innovation leveraging on campus data

Our campus is envisioned as a ‘living lab’ that integrates applied research and innovation for SIT and its partners. It will be a user-centric, open innovation ecosystem that actively invites people, industry and community to innovate and learn from the campus. Students will be exposed to leading-edge industry know-how through working on interdisciplinary projects, as well as test-bedding smart technologies in real-life environments, made possible through the living lab.

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