Library of the Future

Experiential and innovative learning

Our Library plays an enhanced role in being an extension of the classroom with a variety of spaces to foster students’ varied learning needs. It is the key central campus space supporting communal learning and knowledge access, with tinkering and innovation as central concepts.

Integrated with our makerspace and collaborative spaces, the library of the future will become more of a ‘LABrary‘ that facilitates experiential learning to support a culture of intellectual engagement and exchange across disciplines.

The Commune SIT Punggol


High-specification, flexible teaching laboratory

A high-specification, flexible teaching laboratory that allows multiple student groups to be taught simultaneously in the same space.

Each lab bench cluster is equipped with its own AV support and teacher demonstration area, enabling different classes to run simultaneously.


Hybrid lecture-tutorial hall

A lecture-tutorial hybrid teaching model that will be used in our lecture halls.

Referred to as the ‘flipped classroom’ approach to teaching, it is a large-scale class underpinned by active student-centred learning that utilises inquiry-based learning.

Students can look forward to collaborative and interactive activities in place of traditional didactic lectures and tutorials.

Smart Playground

Digital exploration for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

The Smart Playground is a hub for STEM digital exploration.

A digital interactive learning space dedicated to a sensory experience of SIT’s applied research. It is also open to the public to discover, visualise and contribute to research projects. Environments will be replicated at a real-world scale, allowing the public to experience real project scenarios in the digital world as ‘citizen scientists’.

Photo Gallery

Campus Heart - Dropoff
Campus Heart - Library Drop-Off Point
West Zone - Landbridge
Campus Heart - Landbridge
Campus Heart - The Node, a Sheltered Event Space
West Zone - View From Food Court
Campus Heart - View from Food Court
Campus Boulevard
Campus Court - Campus Boulevard
Administration block
Campus Court - Administration Block
Green Court
Campus Court - Green Court