Innovation and Technology Transfer

The Innovation and Technology Transfer (ITT) division at our university is a vital link between academia and the industry, facilitating the transfer of technology and driving innovation initiatives that support enterprises in their innovation journeys. It also manages the university’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio for licensing and adoption.

Licensable Technology Offers

If you are interested in any of the technology offers below, please contact us at

Tech Offer 1 - CONVAS (3D) 2D-to-3D Image Conversion Software for Autostereoscopic 3D Display

Autostereoscopic or glass-free 3D displays allow users to view 3D content on electronic displays without wearing any 3D viewing glasses. We have developed CONVAS (3D), an AI-empowered cloud solution that can automatically convert a 2D image into a 3D image suitable for viewing on a target autostereoscopic 3D display.

Tech Offer 2 – ViCollAR – 3D Data Visualization using Collaborative Augmented Reality

ViCollAR allows complex data to be visualised in 3D format, enabling multiple users to simultaneously and collaboratively visualise and interact with 3-D data using their hand gestures in 3D space. This allows the users to freely navigate through the real environment during interactions. It also allows the users to configure the types of visualisation forms easily and efficiently for the target datasets and to populate the mixed environment with user-customized 3D virtual objects.

Latest News

World’s First Made-for-Asians Prebiotics Created from Leftover Kale Stems

SIT and AMILI team up to develop and optimise kale stem powder as a prebiotic to help improve digestive health for Asians.

Advocating for Excellence in Engineering Education

Professor Lock Kai Sang’s illustrious teaching and professional career spans four decades. He is currently a faculty in the Engineering cluster and Head of the Energy Efficiency Technology Centre (EETC).

SIT Engineering Faculty Elevated to IEEE Fellow

Professor Tseng King Jet has been elevated to IEEE Fellow for his research contributions to permanent magnet machines and distributed energy resources.

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