Sustainable and Cost-Effective Closed Containment Aquaculture System for Coastal Fish Farming


Our Industry Partners
FinFisher Pte Ltd and BioGill Asia Pte Ltd

Our Faculty Members
Associate Professor Ryan Tay, Assistant Professor Reginald Thio and Assistant Professor Peter Lee
Chemical Engineering & Food Technology Cluster


Most of the local fish supply is produced by farms using the open net cage systems, made of net cages submerged in the sea to house fish. These fish stocks are exposed to environmental changes which farmers have no control over. In recent years, fishing operations were affected by massive die-offs due to severe plankton blooms.

  • Fish farmed in open net cages are subject to external environmental factors – elevated water temperature, neap tide, plankton blooms, oil spills, etc.
  • Closed containment systems are required to maintain the farms’ productivity level and costs.
  • Current closed containment systems are expensive and not sustainable.


Key Innovation
  • Novel use of biological technology for treatment in seawater environment.
  • Sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly system for water treatment in coastal fish farming.
  • Identification and optimisation of parameters for closed containment system.
  • Monitoring systems to enhance high density sea fish production output.