5G and Future Communications

The Singapore Institute of Technology’s Open Future Communications Translation Lab (FCTLab) will build capabilities and facilities, including

  • Modeling & Simulation Platforms 

  • Open 5G Stand-alone Testbed 

  • System Engineering and Prototyping Capabilities

The FCTLab aims to achieve the following:

  • Facilitate and enable open innovation, learning, testing and validating of 5G technologies and use cases
  • Solve pain points from industry and agencies in their 5G deployment for use cases
  • Strengthen demand-led research and innovation with aim of co-creation and commercialisation of IP
  • Strengthen capability transfer from Research Institutes (RIs), Institute of Higher Learnings (IHLs), and/or multi-national companies (MNCs) to locally based companies
  • Innovate and showcase on 5G-enabled vertical areas, including but not-limited to:
    • Robotics and automation
    • eXtended Reality (XR) which includes augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) and other similar immersive applications
    • Internet of Things and industrial Internet of Things (IoT/IIoT)
    • Intelligent transportation
    • Smart logistics
5G and Future Communications

Urban Operation

Smart Bases Defence

Modelling & Simulation Performance Testing & Enhancement Open RAN/Open CORE Virtual & Physical Testbeds
Use Case & Innovation Compatibility & Co-existence
5G and Future Communications

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