Our Team

Gan Hiong Yap

Associate Professor, Engineering

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A/Prof Gan Hiong Yap is an accomplished Mechanical Engineer and Head of NAMIC Hub@SIT. With his deep knowledge of microfluidics and nanofluidics science, engineering design, and maintenance engineering, he offers industry professionals expert consultation, training, and R&D services that help improve their business operations.

Apart from his academic pursuits, A/Prof Gan has been instrumental in several degree programmes and has established two innovation centres under SIT Innovation Hub (InnoHub) to support industry partners in product innovation and development. He strongly believes in the power of AM Technology to revolutionise multiple industries by bringing people of various backgrounds together to challenge the traditional assumptions of how products are designed, manufactured, and maintained.

Eugene Wong

Deputy Head, NAMIC Hub@SIT
Associate Professor, Engineering

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A/Prof Eugene Wong, Deputy Head of NAMIC Hub@SIT, is an accomplished Mechanical Engineer with expertise in lightweight metal material composites and microwave sintering. With a diverse range of research interests, he has made significant contributions to the development of additive manufacturing technologies, including repairing composite materials, energy-efficient rapid microwave processing of materials, and machine learning applications.

A/Prof Wong has hands-on experience with various AM processes, including powder bed fusion and material extrusion. He is a pioneer in the 3D printing field, having developed metal FDM filaments and sustainable composite FDM filaments that utilise recycled plastics and reinforcement materials such as pineapple leaf, coir, chitosan, and waste coffee powder. A/Prof Wong's deep expertise and innovative approach enable him to tackle complex challenges and drive progress in the 3D printing industry.

Joey Cheng

Hub Manager, NAMIC Hub@SIT

Joey is an experienced project manager and marketing professional, with over 15 years of industry experience in industry development, strategic partnerships, and stakeholder management. She worked in SMEs and MNCs across both profit and non-profit sectors, holding communications and product marketing portfolios. Prior to joining SIT, she has developed solutions for various sectors to better their productivity and professional development. At the Singapore Institute of Technology, Joey has been crucial in establishing multiple applied research centres to drive innovation and transformation across various industries. Her passion for innovation and collaboration helped in setting up innovation centres to drive academic and research agendas. 

Landong Martua

Senior AM Application Engineer, NAMIC Hub@SIT
Research Engineer, Engineering

Landong is a highly skilled mechanical engineer and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) specialist with over 15 years of experience in the field. Before joining NAMIC Hub@SIT, he worked at reputable companies such as A*STAR and Dyson, where he further honed his expertise in FEA programs such as ANSYS and Abaqus. He has extensive experience in simulating and modelling various materials, ranging from solids to hyper-elastic materials, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of their mechanical behaviour under different conditions.

Landong's extensive knowledge and skills are essential in expanding and enhancing NAMIC Hub@SIT's AM FEA capabilities. He is passionate about exploring new technologies and approaches, such as nTopology, to improve his work and deliver high-quality results. Furthermore, his exceptional ability to collaborate effectively and communicate complex technical concepts makes him an invaluable member to the team.


Linus Lee Wen Yiang

Project Engineer, NAMIC Hub@SIT

Meet Linus, a seasoned engineer with almost a decade of experience in precision engineering and additive manufacturing (AM). Throughout his career, Linus has honed his skills and expertise in precision engineering, leveraging his technical knowledge to complete various AM printing projects across multiple industries, from medical technology and aerospace to jewellery. His proficiency in AM workflows and technologies, combined with his meticulous attention to detail, makes him an invaluable asset to any team in the industry.

Linus possesses a keen understanding of the AM field, enabling him to guide clients through the industry's intricacies and identify potential pitfalls. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Linus is well-equipped to help clients navigate the constantly evolving landscape of AM and achieve their goals.

Fong Kum Piew

AM Process Engineer, NAMIC Hub@SIT
Research Engineer, Engineering

Fong is an accomplished engineer with a true passion for 3D printing. Beginning with parametric modelling for 3D printing, he quickly transitioned to more hands-on involvement in the printing process. With over 20 years of experience in the printing and media industry, Fong has honed his keen attention to detail, prioritising cost and process efficiency.

Driven by an unyielding desire to remain at the forefront of new 3D printing technologies, processes, and post-processing techniques, Fong works tirelessly to achieve optimal results that meet project requirements, all while improving NAMIC Hub@SIT's process competency level. His imaginative mindset, combined with his exceptional communication skills, enables him to generate a wide range of creative and effective solutions for our clients.

Hui Yijian

AM Design Engineer, NAMIC Hub@SIT
Research Engineer, Engineering

Hui Yijian is a talented engineer with a passion for AM. He holds a master's degree in AM from NTU and has gained practical experience working with top companies like Toshiba, Sense Things Japan INC, and Rolls Royce. Yijian has honed his technical skills through his work in the aerospace manufacturing industry and is well-equipped to develop innovative and effective solutions that meet the unique requirements of each project. With his deep theoretical knowledge and technical expertise, he is well-equipped to develop innovative and effective solutions that meet the unique requirements of the projects.