Integrated Work Study Programme


The Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP) is uninterrupted 8-month duration (2 trimesters) work placement programme that will provide students with unique learning opportunities to achieve the following objectives: (1) applied learning – integration of theory and practice, acquisition of specialist knowledge and development of professional skills, (2) exposure to real-world conditions - appreciation of real-world constraints in respective industry contexts to develop skills of adaptability, creativity and innovation, and (3) smooth transition to jobs - practical experience which shortens work induction period. 

The extended period of IWSP, coupled with real work being performed, allow placement organizations to evaluate the suitability of a student as potential employee, in effect making the IWSP equivalent to a job probation period. Students will also have many opportunities to immerse themselves in their placement organization’s business and culture, and decide if this is a good organization to work in.