Industry Mentoring

Introduced in 2017, the Industry Mentorship Programme is a joint initiative between Centre for Career Readiness and Young NTUC.

Designed with the intention to prepare our students in anticipation of their foray into the workplace, the mentorship programme serves as a perfect platform to connect you to the industry, whilst providing a deeper understanding of working life. Paired with an Industry Mentor from the relevant industry, you gain industry-specific career advice and guidance in developing your career path, as well as broadening your perspectives on career opportunities and aspirations.

Ultimately, we hope to build and acquire a pipeline of alumni mentors across industries as our graduates become working professionals.

Be a Mentee

Have all your burning question answered by your Industry Mentor as they share their industry experiences and provide advice for your future career. 
As a mentee, you will:

  • Gain insights into industry trends, practices and workplace ethics
  • Develop specific competencies relevant to industry and role 
  • Seek a different perspective from an experienced industry expert and manage expectations of the industry
  • Be exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking
  • Establish a long-term relationship with an industry mentor

Contact your Career Coach if you would like to join the Industry Mentorship Programme!

Be an Industry Mentor

Be the one to inspire and guide our students. Support your mentee and share your years of experience in helping them develop their career path. At the same time, challenge and broaden their perspective on career opportunities and aspirations. Join us as a mentor to:

  • Make a difference and contribute to a student’s future career
  • Share your professional knowledge and personal experience
  • Develop and enhance personal leadership and coaching style
  • Gain valuable insights about working with mentees from different background to your own

To be an Industry Mentor call 6592 8150.