Career Coaching

Whichever stage of your studies you are at, you can always count on our experienced Career Coaches to provide you with personalised guidance as you navigate your various career options.

Our Career Coaches will help you:

  • Identify your strengths and interests
  • Build and enhance your resume or cover letter
  • Practise and master your interview skills

Contact your respective Career Coach below

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    Business, Communication and Design
    Degree ProgrammeCareer Coach

    Hospitality Business
    Food Business Management (Culinary Arts)
    Food Business Management (Baking and Pastry Arts)

    Ms Audrey Benedict
    6592 1055

    Air Transport Management
    Digital Communications and Integrated Media

    Ms June Yek
    6592 8662
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    Degree Programme

    Career Coach
    Aircraft Systems EngineeringMr Benjamin Tay
    6592 1160

    Aerospace Engineering
    Aircraft Systems Engineering

    Ms Debbie Khoo
    6592 8260

    Electrical Power Engineering
    Electrical Engineering & Information Technology
    Electronics and Data Engineering

    Ms Mabelene Sim
    6592 2035

    Robotics Systems
    Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering 
    Mechatronics Systems (Formerly known as Systems Engineering)

    Mr Lim Kim Peng
    6592 1516
    Mechanical EngineeringMr Loo Chu Hof
    6592 2024

    Civil Engineering
    Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Building Services)
    Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Land)
    Marine Engineering
    Naval Architecture
    Offshore Engineering

    Mr Ong Gin Yong 
    6592 1459

    Computer Engineering (Formerly known as Telematics)

    Mr Low Boon Huat
    6592 6635
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    Food, Chemical and Biotechnology
    Degree ProgrammeCareer Coach
    Pharmaceutical Engineering
    Food Technology 
    Mr Edward Chen 
    6592 1631

    Chemical Engineering (Singapore Institute of Technology – Newcastle University)
    Chemical Engineering (Technical University of Munich)

    Ms Karen Tan
    6592 4609
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    Health and Social Sciences
    Degree ProgrammeCareer Coach

    Diagnostic Radiography (Singapore Institute of Technology)
    Dietetics and Nutrition (Singapore Institute of Technology)
    Occupational Therapy (Singapore Institute of Technology)
    Radiation Therapy (Singapore Institute of Technology)
    Physiotherapy (Singapore Institute of Technology)
    Nursing (Singapore Institute of Technology – University of Glasgow)

    Ms Debbie Khoo
    6592 8260
    Criminology and Security (University of Liverpool)Mr Benjamin Tay
    6592 1160
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    Infocomm Technology
    Degree ProgrammeCareer Coach

    Information and Communications Technology (Information Security)
    Information and Communications Technology (Software Engineering)

    Mr Matthew Lye
    6592 0107

    Computer Science in Interactive Media and Game Development
    Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation
    Digital Art and Animation
    User Experience and Game Design

    Ms June Yek
    6592 8662

    Computing Science
    Computer Engineering (Formerly known as Telematics)

    Mr Low Boon Huat
    6592 6635