Grading System - DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore

The following grading system is in use and, unless otherwise specified, applies to both examinations and term work. The weight of a final examination grade is individually determined by each instructor. See the following Grade Point Average section for additional information.

The following system applies to undergraduate students.

A Excellent = 4.0 quality points
A- Excellent = 3.7 quality points
B+ Good = 3.3 quality points
B Good = 3.0 quality points
B- Good = 2.7 quality points
C+ Fair = 2.3 quality points
C Fair = 2.0 quality points
C- Fair = 1.7 quality points
D Poor = 1.0 quality points; lowest passing grade; failing grade for major
F Failure = 0 quality points

The following grades do not affect the GPA:

AU - Audit
Indicates that the student attended the course without expectation of credit or grade.

IP - In Progress
Indicates that the grade was not available by the time of print.

I - Incomplete
This grade is used when circumstances beyond a student’s control prohibit the student from taking the final exam or completing course work. It is not a grade given to students who need to retake a course because the student has fallen substantially behind. Students will not be given an “I” grade for unacceptable reasons, including, but not limited to, the need to rewrite a paper, the demands of a time-consuming job, the desire to leave town for a vacation or family gathering, the desire to do well on tests in other courses, etc.

Students who want to repeat a course can drop it prior to the end of the eighth week of classes, and they will receive a “W” (see “Withdrawal” below). Otherwise, the instructor will assign the appropriate final grade (“D” or “F,” for example).

Arrangements for the “I” grade and its completion must be initiated by the student and approved by the instructor. An Assignment of Final Grade for Completion of an Incomplete (I) Form must be completed each time a grade of “I” is assigned. On the form, the instructor will specify the remaining work to be done, the procedures for its completion, the current grade, and the weightage of remaining work. If the remaining work requires classroom or laboratory attendance in the subsequent term, students need not register for the course again. Rather, the student must audit the course and pay audit fees. If the remaining work does not require classroom or laboratory attendance, the instructor and student should decide on an appropriate plan and deadline for completing the course. When the student completes the course, the instructor will submit a change of grade to the Registrar’s Office. Should the work not be completed within the agreed time frame, the university will assign an “F” grade.

These procedures cannot be used to repeat a course for a different grade. An “I” grade will not be assigned to a student who has never attended class. Instructors may assign a failing grade instead.

W - Withdrawal
Indicates withdrawal from the course before the end of the eighth week of classes or withdrawal from the university. The “W” grade will not be assigned to any student who has taken the final examination. An instructor may not withdraw a student from a course.