Grading System - The Culinary Institute of America

Food Business Management, BBA

Comprehensive Examinations

There are two sets of comprehensive examinations built into the degree programme.

  • Cooking, costing, and written examinations – Administered in the second semester
  • Cooking and costing examinations – Administered in the fourth semester

All of these examinations are mandatory.
During your weekly classes and meetings with your tutor, you will have the opportunity to prepare and complete practice exercises for the second and fourth semester costing exams.

Grading System

The CIA operates on a quality-point alpha grading system as follows:

Grade / Symbol Numeric Range Quality Points
A 95 – 100 4.00
A- 90 – 94 3.66
B+ 87 – 89 3.33
B 84 – 86 3.00
B- 80 – 83 2.66
C+ 77 – 79 2.33
C 74 – 76 2.00
C- 70 – 73 1.66
D 65 – 69 1.00
F Below 65 0.00
P N/A 0.00
HP N/A 0.00
NS N/A 0.00
AW N/A 0.00
I N/A 0.00
TC N/A 0.00
AU N/A 0.00
W N/A 0.00
IP N/A 0.00

P – Pass: Given for costing and culinary practical examinations and other pass-fail courses.

HP – High Pass: Given for costing and culinary practical examinations.

NS – No Show: It is given only for costing and culinary practical exams if the student never showed up to take them. Note: If students miss a practical exam for this reason, it will be recorded as an absence.

AW – Administrative Withdrawal from Programme: Indicates that students have properly requested and have been granted an administrative withdrawal from the course. It does not include absences and will not be included in student's grade point average.

I – Incomplete: Indicates that the student has yet to complete all the course requirements. It may also indicate that the student have failed to master specific course competencies. Students who do not complete the work required by the established deadline given will fail the course and will be required to redo the course at full tuition fees.

TC – Transfer Credit: Indicates that course credits were transferred from another college.

AU – Audit: Indicates that the student is not taking the course for credit and the instructor will not evaluate to issue a grade.

W – Withdrawal: Indicates that the student has withdrawn from the college. This grade does not include absences and is not computed into the grade point average.

IP – In Progress: Indicates that grades have not been submitted and/or processed.

Calculating a Grade Point Average (GPA)


MATH 110 1.5 credits—grade: B+
INTCOOK 122 3.0 credits—grade: C
1.5 credits x 3.33 (B+) = 4.995 Quality Points
3.0 credits x 2.00 (C) = 6.00 Quality Points
4.5 total credits = 10.995 total QPs
10.995 (total QPs) ÷ 4.5 (total credits) = 2.44 GPA

In order to calculate the GPA, students must multiply the credits earned by the grade points for each course separately to calculate the quality points. Then, add all the quality points together and divide total quality points by credits earned, including credits for “F” grades that have not been repeated.

Policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress

Academic Performance
Students are expected to do well in their modules and progress through the academic programme. If students demonstrate poor academic performance and fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress, they will either be placed on academic probation, receive suspension or be dismissed from the programme.

Satisfactory Progress
Students are making satisfactory academic progress if they:

  • Pass all modules and examinations; and
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 1.75 during their first semester and a 2.0 (“C”) in all remaining semesters.

Academic Probation
Students will be placed on academic probation and be warned  to improve their academic performance, should they wish to continue with their degree programme. Students will be placed on academic probation, and be notified in writing by the CIA managing director and SIT, under the following conditions:

  • If the student's GPA falls below 1.75 in the first semester.
  • If the student's GPA falls below 2.0 in the second to fourth semesters.

When students are placed on probation, they will be encouraged to meet with their faculty members and the managing director to address study issues.

Academic Suspension
The individual records of students on academic probation will be reviewed. The following conditions will result in academic suspension:

  • The student has been on academic probation since the last semester completed and is unable to maintain a GPA of 2.0 in the current semester.
  • Failing a course three times

If the student is on academic probation, they will have their GPA audited prior to the end of the semester. If their cumulative GPA is less than 2.0 by the end of the semester during which they are on academic probation, they will be suspended from classes, placed under academic review, and must submit a written request to the CIA managing director for reinstatement , at least six weeks prior to their return to the programme.

Graduation Criteria
Completed all degree requirements (courses, comprehensive examinations, and other requirements) Earned a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0