Lim Doa Hin Scholarship

The Lim Doa Hin Scholarship was established to support deserving students pursuing full-time undergraduate degree programmes at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicable to students who are enrolled in any full-time undergraduate degree programme at SIT.
  • Preference for first-year students.
  • Singapore Citizens.
  • Have achieved outstanding academic results.
  • Demonstrate involvement in meaningful community projects in key areas of need.
  • Have demonstrated leadership qualities, have good co-curricular activity records and perform well during the interview.

Tenure and Benefits of Scholarship

  • Each Scholarship, valued at $10,000, is applicable for one (1) academic year.
  • The Scholarship shall be used in the following way: 50% will be used for the recipient’s tuition fees, and the remaining 50% will be used for other study expenses that may include computers, textbooks, overseas immersion programmes or other miscellaneous expenses.
  • Recipients of this Scholarship may continue to receive this scholarship in a subsequent year of study, subject to the fulfilment of the criteria above, and with the recommendation of the Institute and the selection by the Selection Committee.
  • Recipients may take up tuition study grants offered by the Ministry of Education, as well as the Lim Doa Hin Study Grant offered by the Institute. Without prior approval from the Institute, the Recipient shall not accept any other scholarship or bursary.

About the Donor

The Scholarship has been made possible by the bequest of the late Mr Lim Doa Hin. Born in China in the 1920s, Mr Lim sailed to Singapore as an optimistic young man with a very positive outlook of life despite having endured the hardships of World War II. Undeterred by the initial hardships, Mr Lim impressed those he met with his positive attitude, good character in practical faithfulness, diligence, thrift and honesty. These qualities put him in good stead as he developed his small to medium enterprises encapsulated in a company that he incorporated as Houw Hing Holdings Pte Ltd, operating in the Boat Quay/Circular Road area.

Despite his achievements, including having to raise a brood of about a dozen children, Mr Lim tried hard not to neglect his social responsibilities to the community. Towards his amber years, Mr Lim decided to will his Estate for charitable purposes, with emphasis on granting financial aid to eligible students who are financially challenged so as to enhance their educational pursuits, in humble but meaningful ways.   

How To Apply

Applications for Public Bursaries, Donated Bursaries & Scholarships will commence in July 2022. Do keep a look out for more information which will be sent to your SIT e-mail address.

Matriculated students may access the online application form via the SIT Student Intranet - IN4SIT.

Applicants will need to complete and submit the online application form after uploading all required supporting documents through the application portal by the given deadline. Scholarship applicants are expected to upload an endorsed Letter of Recommendation and their SIT Record of Achievement (where applicable).