Xiao De (孝德) Emergency Fund

The Xiao De (孝德) Emergency Fund benefits undergraduates enrolled in full-time degree programmes at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). It is intended as a resource to full-time SIT students who encounter unforeseen financial emergencies or personal catastrophes which may prevent them from continuing their education or impact their graduating from SIT.

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Students enrolled in any full-time undergraduate degree programme offered by SIT.
  • Comes from a family which has encountered unforeseen financial emergency or personal catastrophes.
  • Lack of financial assistance will result in discontinuation of applicant's studies at SIT.

Tenure and Benefits of the Bursary:

  • No bond is required of the recipient. 

About the Donor

The Xiao De (孝 德) Emergency Fund is made possible by gifts from an anonymous donor who believes in perpetuating the philanthropic spirit of giving by encouraging the concept of “paying it forward” amongst the community of bursary recipients. The donor values the importance of filial piety and is a strong advocate in the promotion of ethical and responsible action in business.

How To Apply

Application Period

Anytime throughout the Academic Year (Students who apply for the Emergency Fund should be actively matriculated in their respective programmes at the time of the application.)

Students who wish to apply are required to write in formally to the Financial Assistance Schemes (FAS) division at FAS@SingaporeTech.edu.sg using the following format: 

  1. Full Name
  2. Matriculation Number
  3. Course Enrolled
  4. Estimated Graduation Date
  5. Reasons for Appeal
  6. Estimated Quantum (please attach supporting documents to justify the request for financial aid)
  7. Number of and Details of Dependents in Household
  8. Supporting Documents on Household Income (e.g. Family members' CPF Contribution Histories, Payslips, etc.)