Former Trustees

We would like to thank our former trustees for their contributions to SIT.

Dr Beh Swan Gin [2009-2012]

Dr Abdul Razakjr Bin Omar [2009-2012]

Mr Jeremy Chan Tai Heng [2009-2010] 

Ms Rachel Eng Yaag Ngee [2011-2018] 

Prof Hang Chang Chieh [2009-2015]

Dr Richard Charles Helfer [2009-2020]

Ms Lai Wei Lin [2017]

Mr Lam Yi Young [2014-2016]



Mr Lee Kok Choy [2012-2014]

Dr Allen Lew Yoong Keong [2009-2012] 

Dr Lim Khiang Wee [2009-2020]

Mr Loh Ngai Seng [2009-2010] 

Mr Ng Cher Pong [2010-2014; 2017-2019] 

Mr Pek Hak Bin [2009-2015]

Mr Roy Quek Hong Sheng [2009-2013]

Mr Dilhan Pillay Sandrasegara [2009-2011]

Prof Tan Chin Tiong [2009-2013]

Mr Tan Yew Hua Alvin [2012-2015]

Ms Teoh Zsin Woon [2013-2018] 

Mr Michael Yap [2009-2015] 

Ms Mary Yeo [2009-2015]