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We Nudge Businesses To Think and Act Lean

The Lean Transformation Innovation Centre (LTIC) is a strategic
set-up by Singapore Institute of Technology in collaboration
with SkillsFuture Singapore and Lean Global Network.

LTIC aims to be a focal resource centre for local companies to acquire relevant knowledge and provide manpower training with the objective of building lean capabilities. 

Our Services

We help businesses in their transformation journey towards achieving lean capabilities.


We help organisations deliver cost savings, manhour reductions, achieve immediate ROI, and create collaborative and personalised design and delivery.

cost savings
Cost Savings
manhour reduction
Manhour Reduction
immediate ROI
Immediate ROI
Personalised Design and Delivery
Personalised Design and Delivery

Hear it from them

I like the way lean involved the organisation and not through a “champion”. This is remarkably different from my previous exposure to lean as this creates ownership and responsibility and will make buy-in a lot easier."

Mr Mak Yuen Chau

General Manager
TPSC Asia Pte Ltd

Key Highlights

Check out some of the latest developments here at our Centre!

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Lean Collaboration: SIT and Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital

Watch how we helped Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital through SIT's Lean and Innovation Programmes.

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Lean Collaboration: SIT and Mount Alvernia Hospital

Watch how we helped a hospital optimise its bed utilisation.

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Lean Transformation Innovation Centre

Catch this video for the impact that our Centre has made as a partner of other organisations in their lean journey.

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Lean Collaboration: SIT and Shalom Movers

Staying Competitive Through SIT's Lean Skills Development Programme

The Learning Enterprise Book


The Learning Enterprise:
Innovative Practices for Organisational Transformation

To commemorate the launch of NACE@SIT, we published a book documenting the learning journey of SIT with four local companies pioneering in workplace learning and Lean transformation.
Discover how we have helped four of these prominent organisations:
  • The National Heart Centre Singapore: Reduced patient wait time and improved patient flow for greater patient and employee satisfaction.
  • Four Seasons Catering: Reorganised their warehouse and dry kitchen for increased efficiency.
  • Shalom Movers: Updated their processes for better manpower, space, and time utilisation.
  • Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital: Rescheduled their tasks and established more open communication for enhanced patient care.
LTIC About Our Logo

About Our Logo

The logo of the Lean Transformation Innovation Centre’s (LTIC’s) holds a cultural confluence between East and West and depicts the core values of the Centre.

Its bold contemporary font symbolises leanness and innovation whilst its Chinese calligraphic brushstroke meeting the crossbar hints of Asian-centric swiftness, nimbleness, and ground-up lean thinking.