Post Secondary Education Account (PSEA)

Post Secondary Education Account (PSEA)

*Soft copy applications are accepted until further notice. Please see "General Application Procedures" for more details. 

The PSEA scheme is administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) which allows students to utilise the funds in their own and/or their siblings’ PSEA accounts for the payment of tuition fee and annual fees (excludes hostel fees and late fees) as well as course fees for enrichment programmes approved by SIT, such as the Overseas Immersion Programme.

Eligibility Criteria:

Full-time undergraduates who have a PSEA account. The PSEA scheme also allows students to utilise their siblings’ PSEA funds for the payment of their tuition fees and annual fees.


Up to 100% of tuition fee and annual fees payable by student, subject to availability of funds.


On-going withdrawal for payment of both tuition fees and compulsory annual fees. Once Standing Order is established, funds equivalent to your total tuition and annual fees or your available PSEA funds (whichever is lower) will be automatically withdrawn each semester. (Example: If you have $4000 in PSEA funds and your semester’s tuition and annual fees are $3,300, a total of $3,300 will be withdrawn from the PSEA account).


Matriculated students: 1 month before the commencement of the next semester/trimester

*Note: If students intend to use PSEA funds to pay only a portion of the tuition or miscellaneous fees, please complete the PSEA Ad Hoc Withdrawal Form instead.


PSEA Ad Hoc Withdrawal Form is to be completed for one-time withdrawal (annual fees / tuition fees / fee for enrichment programme / Overseas Immersion Programme (OIP) / Overseas Exposure Programme (OEP)) for any one particular semester/trimester.

*Note: If you intend to use PSEA funds for payment of annual fees for each subsequent semester, you are required to submit a new Ad Hoc Withdrawal form for each semester.


Please submit your Adhoc Withdrawal Form for the payment of tuition fees after you have received your Fee Advice.

Submission dates for AY2019:

Term Billing

Application deadline for PSEA Ad-hoc Withdrawals

Semester 1 - Aug/Sept Billing

By Oct 2019

Semester 2 - Jan Billing

To be advised

Semester 3 - Apr Billing

To be advised

Enquiries on PSEA Funds Availability:

You may call the Edusave/ PSE Scheme Hotline at (+65) 6260 0777 to:

  • Check on your account balance (updated every Wednesday) on a 24-hour basis.
  • Obtain general information on schemes.

You may also wish to email your enquiries to

General Application Procedures:

Type of withdrawal

Application method



Standing Order (SO)

1. FormSG

Please submit SO via FormSG if you are a:

  • Student above 21 years old withdrawing from own PSEA account; or
  • Student under 21 years withdrawing from own PSEA account (parents are to log in with their Singpass to apply on behalf of student)
  1. Log on to FormSG with your Singpass, fill up the required details and click submit.
  2. You will receive an acknowledgement email once you have submitted your application successfully.

2. Via Email

Please submit SO by email if you are a:

  • Student applying for withdrawal from sibling(s)’ PSEA account; or
  • Legal guardian applying on behalf of student under 21 for use of PSEA funds
  1. Fill up the Standing Order Form
  2. Scan the signed and completed form in black and white in .tif format
  3. Email it to with the subject header “PSEA SO – Student ID”
  4. File size should not exceed 10MB


Ad Hoc Withdrawal (ADH)

Via Email only


  1. Fill up the Ad Hoc Withdrawal Form
  2. Scan the signed and completed form in black and white in .tif format
  3. Email it to with the subject header “PSEA ADH – Student ID”
  4. File size should not exceed 10MB

*Please fill in the correct usage category (e.g. TTF-FULLQ for tuition fees) and ensure the exact amount of withdrawal is indicated.



  1. MOE will inform students of application outcome. A monthly transaction statement will be sent to account holder if there are PSEA contributions, withdrawal or refund transactions in the previous month.
  2. Note: One application form is to be submitted for each specific withdrawal. Please indicate in the application form the usage category and exact amount to be withdrawn. Each application form has to be submitted together with a note/letter from yourself indicating the purpose of your request. For payment of enrichment programmes, please submit supporting documents indicating the name and the cost of the approved programme (i.e. a letter from your school/SIT’s office in charge of the programme and must reflect the fees for the programme).
  3. You may check with MOE (2 weeks after the submission of your application form) on the amount of funds withdrawn from your PSEA account.

PSEA Forms can be downloaded here:

  1. Standing Order form
  2. Ad Hoc withdrawal form
  3. Termination of Standing Order form

*Please ensure that the form is filled correctly with no cancellations or usage of correction tape/fluid.

Termination of an existing Standing Order:

Students with an existing Standing Order from Polytechnic will need to fill up the “Termination of Standing Order for Withdrawal from Post Secondary Education Account” form and submit it at the following address if you do not wish to continue using it at SIT.

Attn: PSEA Action Officer
Ministry of Education
Finance & Development Division
Level 8, 1 Buona Vista Drive
Singapore 138675