The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) is Singapore’s University of Applied Learning. SIT’s vision is to be a leader in innovative learning by integrating learning, industry and community. Our mission is to nurture and develop individuals who build on their interests and talents to impact society in meaningful ways.

This is a place where great minds meet and transform dreams into reality. Our singularly talented students are on a journey to become ‘thinking tinkerers’ — professionals with a mastery of deep specialist skills, who can help the industry solve increasingly complex problems. Through our applied degree programmes, they learn to combine theory and practice with ease.

Through the precepts of ‘learn, unlearn and relearn’, our students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for lifelong learning. At the same time, we encourage and empower our students to harness their talents and passion, contributing wherever they can as committed, active members of the larger community they are in.

SIT will continue to open up new opportunities and broaden horizons for our students, as well as continually fine-tune our curriculum and pedagogy to remain industry-relevant. I invite you to have a look around the university and get to know us better.

Professor Tan Thiam Soon
Singapore Institute of Technology

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